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I'm a full-time working mom in Michigan with two kids, a dog, two cats, and husband.  We live in suburban Detroit and I drive my minivan to my Corporate job every week day.  I work in IT -- Information Technology -- meaning I'm a geek by default. It's OK, though -- I'm also a huge nerd.  I do a little professional photography on the side (mostly weddings), so you'll probably see lots of pictures here. I blog about my family, nerd/geek stuff and being a working mom. 

Want to know more?

100 random facts about kt moxie. 
  1. I'm white. I know -- shocking! My husband is Asian (Vietnamese actually).  Really, we are both just "average" (whatever that means) Midwestern Americans
  2. So, that makes my kids "mixed." Half white, half Vietnamese (Asian).  Though, I always thought that term was a little weird... mixed?  Mixed up?  Mixed together?  I suppose there are other terms -- Eurasian,  biracial, multiracial.  Either way, kinda sounds like my kid is getting split up into pieces.  I usually think of them as just MY KIDS.
  3. I'm a huge nerd.  This is really just a warning because the rest of this list is very revealing of that fact.
  4. I'm a huge geek.  See #3.
  5. My daughter is in elementary school.  She is so much like me it is scary.
  6. My son is in Kindergarten, and he loves it.  He also loves fight like a ninja, wrestlewith daddy, and snuggle with mommy.
  7. My first puppy dog was a Rottweiler mix, and had to have her rear leg amputated because of cancer.  But she did great as a tripawd.
  8. We now have an adorable greyhound named Garrett.
  9. I have two cats -- calico sisters.  I was so excited when my daughter and I found calico kittens at the Humane Society.  Calicos have an extra level of coolness in my book because of the unique gene expression (co-dominant alleles for you nerds). 
  10. My hubby is legen... wait for it!  ... dary!  (That's for you hubby!)  He is a movie-buff, Masters black-belt in Tang Soo Do, gadget fiend, and also works in IT.  So, also a huge geek.  But, I beat him in the nerdiness scale. 
  11. We got married in 1997.  Yep, that's double digits.
  12. I'm older than my husband by over a year.
  13. I do all the bills and my husband does all the laundry.  He is *awesome* at laundry.
  14. We throw a huge Halloween costume party every year. Everyone is required to come in costume. Plus, we celebrate my husband's birthday -- which is on Halloween.
  15. I really do drive a minivan.  It's a Honda Odyssey. And I love it.
  16. My favorite color is purple.  And not just a little bit.
  17. My camera is a 7D Canon, and I love it. Don't talk to me about your Nikon.
  18. I have taught photography classes to parents about how to take pictures of their babies.
  19. My family lives in a neo-traditional community. We have porches, houses close to the streets and each other, and alleys for garages.  We love it.
  20. I am an introvert. But not in a bad way. 
  21. I've suffered from severe migraines since I was a teenager, but I have managed them relatively well in the past few years with a combination of lifestyle choices and medications.
  22. One of these lifestyle choices is I do not drink alcohol.  Bummer, huh?
  23. I'm not Christian, but attend church regularly -- because I'm a wedding photographer.
  24. My favorite movie -- of all time -- is The Princess Bride. As you wish!!!!
  25. Snow Crash is one of my favorite books.
  26. I'm a huge fan of both zombies and vampires. Zombieland was awesome.  Double tap!
  27. I like just about any music I can dance to.  I also respect any artist who can write good lyrics.
  28. When I start dancing at home, my son tells me I'm not allowed to dance.  Is mom-dancing really that bad?
  29. I have just re-discovered yoga, and I'm a whole-hearted convert. 
  30. I am trying to become more mindful and happier.  It is a work in progress.
  31. I am working to simplify my life.  It is also a work in progress.
  32. I am quick to judge people's character, but I try not to be judgemental.
  33. I have trypanophobia -- a severe phobia of needles. This phobia has nothing to do with pain. I can't even watch someone give a shot on TV.
  34. I'm also afraid of heights, but my fear of needles trumps my heights fear.
  35. I have a phobia of crowds. I won't go to Costco on the weekends. Or any other crowded space for that matter.
  36. Are you starting to think I'm a little nuts?
  37. A friend of mine gave me my marbles in college so that I wouldn't ever lose them again.  They still sit on my dresser in a jar.
  38. I'm almost always cold. I wear jackets and sweaters all the time.
  39. I have two brothers and no sisters.
  40. In Kindergarten, I had to tie someone else's shoes to show I could tie because I never wore sneakers. I loved wearing Mary Janes.
  41. I was the only Kindergartner in my class with glasses.
  42. I was in the gifted program. They took us to the local community college and convinced a professor to "teach us something" once a week.
  43. The answer is 42.
  44. I once won a writer's award in the 4th grade, got my book put in the school library permanently, and was sent to a young writer's conference.  But I have never considered myself a writer.
  45. When I was young, my family took vacations in a 1967 Volkswagen Microbus conversion camper. I'm now having that camper bus restored to original condition.
  46. I have a strong dislike for guinea hens. Neighbors where I grew up raised these pests. They are sort of like chickens -- but they are more stupid and more annoying. They travel in packs of 50 or more. Fortunately, cats are a major deterrent.
  47. The first cat my family had when I was little was called Beast, but my dad called it Cat. If you ran up the stairs, Beast would bite your ankles.
  48. My family had a cat named Dead Meat. My brother and I named it after my dad refused to name the cat and called it "kitten" for one day too many.
  49. I never wore pants until the 6th grade because they were too boyish. My mom bought me thick tights and leg warmers so that I could still go out for recess in the winter.
  50. My brother and I blew up the White House. OK -- it was a miniature version that I made in 6th grade art class out of clay. But I really hated how it turned out, and my brother offered to blow it up with an M-80. Pieces flew over my (real) house!
  51. My family fished in Lake Erie growing up. We mostly ate perch and walleye. My brother beheaded and gutted, and I filleted.  I hope we didn't ingest too many toxins from the lake.
  52. My family drove a brown 1975 Oldsmobile station wagon. The largest station wagon ever made. We bounced around in the back of that thing like little beans.
  53. My first computer was a Commodore 64. It took 20 minutes to boot up. It didn't have a hard drive.
  54. Our favorite game on the Commodore 64 was Jumpman.
  55. I learned the Newton's Third Law "For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction" from my grandmother. She was a bit eccentric.
  56. My dad and I created a Van DeGraf generator when I was in the 6th grade. We originally used an erector set motor to power it, but that wasn't strong enough. So, my dad tried an electric drill -- the static shock bounced him across the room!
  57. I went to State with my 8th grade Science Fair Project. I got an Excellent. The other kid from my school puked on the judge. Heh.
  58. I'm a fainter.
  59. My orthodontist once carried me after I fainted in his office.
  60. I'm not allowed to donate blood anymore because I faint too much. 
  61. I was a Girl Scout all the way through high school. (I'm a big nerd if you haven't already figured that out.)
  62. My family hosted several foreign exchange students while I was growing up. We are still friends with several of them.
  63. I attended several nerd camps during the summer in high school. They were so much fun!
  64. Despite strong attempts at conversion by my high school friends, they could not convince me to like New Kids On the Block. Sorry Nicole and Amy!
  65. I had a huge crush on Christian Slater in high school. 
  66. I was a melodic percussionist in high school. Which means I hung out with the drummers, but I played the stuff that required you to read music.
  67. My freshman year in high school I carried a 40+ pound xylophone in the marching band.
  68. I moved from a rural town in Ohio to an upper-middle class suburb of Detroit when I was 16. It was major culture shock for me.
  69. I took driver's ed in Ohio, but got my first license in Michigan. That meant I had to do a driving test in Michigan. I dreaded that.
  70. I learned how to drive in a 1984 Aries K car. I'm surprised I'm still alive.
  71. I was on the crew (rowing) team in high school.
  72. I was valedictorian of my school. Ironically, it was a rather traumatic and stressful experience for me. Given the chance to do it over again, I might pass on all the notoriety and let the more popular smart girl have the title. But, I still want my GPA and love of learning.
  73. My valedictorian speech was based on All I ever really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.
  74. I only applied to one college. No back-ups. University of Michigan or bust.
  75. I wore semi-permeable (hard) contacts in high school and college.  They were horrible.
  76. I wore a black leather biker jacket with flowery dresses in college. I was a fashion maven.
  77. I've dyed my hair pink, purple and blue.
  78. I used to trade bootleg tapes of Ani Difranco concerts. If you know what I'm talking about -- you rock!
  79. I've read the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  80. I was a Detroit rave girl in college. Yep -- those huge warehouse rave parties in city. Lots of fun -- unless the police shut it down!
  81. My first car was a blue 1992 Toyota Corolla. I once drove it to Key West and back with my friends.  I loved that car.
  82. I had my appendix removed when I was 21. I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, and on IV antibiotics for 2 months.  No fun.
  83. My husband and I dated for one and 1/2 months before we got engaged.
  84. My husband and I met by him asking to live with me. OK... he was actually finding out if there was space in the coop where I lived, but the first way sounds so much better!
  85. I was the "Outhouse President" of my student coop in college. For real. I'm not kidding. That was my title.
  86. I was a vegetarian in college.  Mostly because the dorm food grossed me out. 
  87. I evicted a drug dealer out of my coop the summer before my wedding. Sadly, she was more pitiful than scary.
  88. I got my first email account in 1992.  We could only pick a username with 8 characters, so I chose butercup -- it was supposed to be Buttercup from The Princess Bride.
  89. I first started using the Internet in 1993. Text-only of course.
  90. I was taught HTML in 1994 by a guy who idolized Nietchze.
  91. I first used online chat (IRC) in 1995.  I chatted with my college friend who was downstairs.  We were so cool.
  92. My (now) husband and I got married right after we graduated from college. He was 21 and I was 23.
  93. I was a special education teacher right after college.  I'm a classic burnout case for special needs teaching. Maybe I'll blog about it one day. Or not.
  94. After I figured out that special education teaching was not for me, I went back to school for my Masters in Information Science.
  95. Even though I work in IT, my Masters degree is accredited by the American Library Association.  So, I could always be a librarian if this whole geek thing doesn't work out.
  96. I was 24 when I got my first cell phone.
  97. I got Lasik on both eyes a few years back. It is amazing.
  98. I'm the website administrator for my neighborhood's website. And it was hacked. That sucks.
  99. Are you still reading these?  Why?
  100. If you got to 100, then you should give yourself a pat on the back.


Leah said...

Found you through Mama Kat's Workshop. And yes, I read all 100 of your facts! Whew! Very intersting..some of them! haha!
Check me out at http://leahainla.blogspot.com/

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm patting myself on the back! :) Those were fun... & definitely a way to learn about someone! YIPEE for Halloween parties! And I too was the only one with glasses in kindergarden... had a cool little puppy on the corner of the lens - haha!!

Visiting from Mama Kat's

Jackie said...

I read them all! And yes, 42 is the answer! :)

Steph, from Be Positive Mom said...

Hi Kristen! I was featured in a blog spotlight and listed your site as one I love to read and follow....

Here's the link http://www.letsjustgiveitaway.com/2011/01/blog-spotlight_21.html

Happy Friday!

Carmen said...

I found you thru the blog hop! Your site looks fun. I look forward to exploring your posts. Hop on by if you can.

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