Friday, June 13, 2014

Vacation to Arizona, Part 4 -- From Sedona to Scottsdale

This is a continuation of my journaling of our trip to Arizona (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  On Wednesday, we exited our room, and found at least 6 deer outside!

We all headed to breakfast, then Amelia and I went to an watercolor painting class at the resort.  Ryan and John headed off to play some golf (though they only latest through 3 holes before Ryan wanted to head back to the room).
"Hugs" between sibs at the resort.

An eagle statue at the resort.  I thought it was cool.

An agave at the resort starting to bloom.

The spa at the resort where I got an AWESOME massage.

The resort even had a teepee!
Before we left the resort, I took another short hike through the park.  Meanwhile, John and the kids decided they needed more pool time.

On the trail path.

Fun at the pool!

More silliness!

And more silliness.

Photo bomb!
After we finished up with pool time, we left our resort (Enchantment Resort) and had lunch in Sedona at the Red Planet Diner -- which had some really cool alien decorations.

Amelia hanging out with an alien.

Spock watches over us.

The family after lunch.
Before leaving town, Amelia and I convinced John to let us stop at one more Geocache.  We had to climb a small hill, but we found it!
Another geocache!
About midway between Sedona and Phoenix is a state park where some Native America ruins reside. We took a quick pit stop here.  The ruins were very impressive;  Amelia and I enjoy reading about the history, but Ryan was tuckered out, and didn't really want to wake up and look at rocks.

Montezuma's Castle, a Native American ruin, which has nothing to do with Montezuma.
We made it to our hotel in Scottsdale (outside of Phoenix) by early evening.  We had dinner at the resort and found our room.  Another great day in Arizona!


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