Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trip to Arizona, Part 5: Scottsdale and Phoenix

We arrived at our resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday evening. We found our room, and had dinner at the resort.  To my surprise, we had landed a "VIP" room -- we had to use our key card to push our floor's button in the elevator!  I started to feel like Jay from Modern Family when he realizes there is more floors above the "elite"  Excelsior floor.  Wait a minute, if we are on the VIP level, then what is above us?  There was at least 3 floors above us!  

Anyway... we were invited to meet with the concierge and she told us about various activities around the resort, including the kids programming, which has a "scavenger hunt" around the resort where the kids could collect pins from each location they found.  My kids were quickly off and running trying to collect all the pins.  
The view from our room.

Happy family after we arrived in our room.

Amelia and Ryan styling with a statue in the lobby.

Ryan with his lanyard and pins from the resort.
On Thursday, Amelia was determined to get some more pool time.  So, we spent an hour or so at the resort's pool.  For lunch, we ate at another "Drive-ins, Diners and Dives" place call "Over Easy."  They serve breakfast and lunch.  We all found something to our liking, and the portions were huge.
Ryan and daddy taking the name literally.

Amelia gets a chance, too.

Good food!

Ryan is showing off the latest fashion -- two hats.
After lunch, we drove to the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix.  The Museum is mostly an outdoor trail through a Native American ruin and replica buildings.  Amelia and I enjoyed the stroll (though it was definitely hot -- the Museum provided shade umbrellas!), and took in the history and sights.  Ryan had fallen asleep (again) and John decided to stay back in the car with him.

Hohokam Native American ruins in Phoenix.

Amelia in one of the replica buildings.
A replica building.

Ruins of the sports arena (they played a ball sport).
We spent less than an hour at the Pueblo Museum, so we had time to visit one more museum in Phoenix -- The Heard Museum of American Indian Art and History.  Ryan decided to wake up for this one, and we toured the children's area of the museum, and a few other sections.

John and Ryan show off next to a fake cactus. 

Amelia and Ryan hang out in a replica of a Native American canoe.
Silliness ensues. Ryan does his best imitation of Titanic.  Meanwhile, Amelia has fallen off.

John tries out the canoe, too.

Amelia flexes her muscles.

A painting at the Heard Museum.  Most people in this picture are famous or of significance to the Museum.  Who can you find?
After lunch and two museums, we headed back to the resort in Scottsdale. Another nice day!

Entrance to our resort.


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