Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to Arizona, Part 3: Sedona and The Grand Canyon!

Our adventure continues (see Part 1, Part 2).  After our Pink Jeep tour, we walked around downtown Sedona for a while, and had some ice cream.

Downtown Sedona.

We were tickled pink to see a little part of Michigan all the way here in Sedona -- Mackinac Island Fudge!

As we returned back to our resort room, we found this four-legged visitor right outside our suite door!
After a long day on the Pink Jeep tour and Sedona, we decided to order in for dinner.  We were impressed with the resort food services, which included a table cloth for our picnic-in-the-room.

Tuesday was our Grand Canyon day.  As Sedona is still a couple of hours from the Grand Canyon, we planned a stop at lunch in Flagstaff.  The drive from Sedona to Flagstaff was nerve-racking, especially for my husband, the driver.  We traveled along a mountain route with many tight curves and shear drops.  John was happy to arrive in Flagstaff, and have lunch at a Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives location, Salsa Brava.  Salsa Brava is a traditional Mexican place with a "salsa bar" -- we could pick as many salsas as we wanted to taste.  Unfortunately, most were labeled as "hot" which is too spicy for me!

Yum! Lots of food!

The family after lunch.
On the way out of Flagstaff, my daughter and I collected our first Geocache in Arizona -- along Route 66!  We continued our drive to the Grand Canyon; we saw lots of tumbleweeds, and a few interesting buildings:

On the route to the Grand Canyon -- No idea what this means.
When we got close to the park, we stopped at the welcome center and picked up some souvenirs.  My daughter and I picked up another Geocache outside of the center. After entering the park, we realized how big the park itself is!  We wandered around for a bit, and finally found a place to park.  When we approached the Canyon, both my daughter and husband stopped dead in their tracks about 20 feet from the rim.  "This is close enough!  We can see it from here!" John and Amelia showed solidarity in their fear of heights!

After our first stop, we found the park General Store and had a deli-style dinner. We then headed over to another stop.  A large crowd was gathering to watch the sunset when a man approached me and asked, "Is there an event that everyone is waiting for?"  I replied, "Yes, the sunset!"  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Enjoy a few pictures I took of the Canyon:

Amelia and John were willing to get a little closer to the edge when we were inside a building.

This guy was painting, and about 3 ledges down further than anyone else!

It got a little chilly,  We were glad we brought sweatshirts and blankets.

John got a little more daring closer to sunset.


Amelia and her squirrel family.
We drove back to Sedona after sunset.  Fortunately for John, there was an easier route home than the mountain route that we took to get to the Canyon.  The alternative route was a bit longer, but much less stressful.  A good, long day.


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