Monday, June 9, 2014

End of the school year first grade celebration

My son's classroom had an end of the school year party and parents were invited.  First, we stopped by the kids in the computer room where they showed off their PowerPoint presentations of the life cycle of a butterfly. Yes, my 7-year-old can already add "PowerPoint" to his resume!

After impressing us with their computer skills, we went back to their classroom and watched an adorable slideshow.  Then, the kids showed off their memory books.  Here's a few picks from Ryan's memory book.

First day of First Grade.

Halloween with his buds.

Ryan is known for his sense of humor... and photo bombs!

Yep, still silly.

His whole class.

His teacher also handed out awards to every kid in the classroom.  My son got the "Snickers Award" for always keeping his classmates laughing!.  He was super proud of his award.


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