Friday, May 30, 2014

Arizona vacation Part 2 - Sedona and the Pink Jeep tour

This is a continuation of my vacation journaling (Part 1). We arrived in downtown Sedona on the Monday after Easter around lunch.  We had already scheduled our Pink Jeep Tour (check out the videos) for 2pm.

We had lunch at the Cowboy Club, a nice, touristy bar and grill, then we headed over to the Pink Jeep tour office.  We picked the 3-hour Broken Arrow / Scenic Rim tour.  The jeeps were super cool, the views were breath-taking, and the trip itself was an adventure!

Crazy beautiful, huh?

Hubby having a good time.

A pink jeep ahead of us on the tour.

More breathtaking views.

Ruts in the road from all the off-roading vehicles.

My son quickly became a little rock climber.  He was having a blast.

My big boy was very excited to make it to the top.

The whole family.

This picture shows a fault line, and the dramatic shifts that have occurred over time.  The bleached looking shape was a complete circle at some prior point in time.

Dad and son make it to the top.

Another view that shows how high up we were.

The family with the Pink Jeep.

An Agave plant in bloom.  After blooming ,the entire plant will die.  They usually live for 20 or so years before blooming.

The Pink Jeep behind us going over the crazy route that we just traveled.

The road less traveled (unless you are brave and have an off-roading vehicle!
The Pink Jeep tour was amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to see the amazing natural sites around Sedona.  The tour guides are personable and knowledgeable.


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