Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Science Fair!

My daughter has been SO EXCITED about her science fair at her elementary school.  She was SO BUMMED when the fair was postponed because of a snow day last week.

We completed the experiment in January, and had the poster done by early February, so she has been ready for a while.  I'm so glad the night was a success!

Her topic was "Does the five-second rule really work?"  We dropped food on the floor, made homemade agar, swabbed for germs, and watched them grow in her closet heated to 90 degrees for several days. It was stinky, germy fun!  By the way... her conclusion was DON'T EAT ANYTHING that is dropped on the floor!

Here's a few photos from the fair:

Can you tell she likes neon colors?

Her fair poster was very popular because she brought food samples!

A big night at the elementary school!

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Diann said...

Awesome! And what a fun project!

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