Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our new puppy, Ollie

We decided (well... I talked my hubby into...) to get a new puppy.  A vet who belongs to the greyhound adoption organization that we got Garrett (our other dog) from posted she had PUPPIES.  The puppies are greyhound mixes.  The mother is a greyhound, but the father is not verified -- but is likely a lab.  Since almost all greyhounds come from the race track, it is unusual to be able to adopt a greyhound puppy.

The family had to check them out, and quickly fell in love.  Our puppy, who was originally named Skipper (from Gilligan's Island), is a dark brindle.  We renamed him Ollie, which seems to fit him very well.  Anyone figure out the geeky reason for the name?  10 points if you figure it out!

Ollie has been with us for a few weeks;  he's adorable and 110% puppy.

Play, play, play, pee, poop, play, sleep. 

He LOVES our other dog Garrett, but Garrett is slightly annoyed that this hyper little thing keeps invading his space.  We hope that as Ollie gets older Garrett will enjoy him a bit more.

Here's a few pictures of the adorable Ollie!

Can you resist the cute puppy face???

Hubby puppy love.

Yes, I know her pajama pants are too long.  She will not let me shorten them.


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