Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's day!

Here's a few pictures related to Valentine's day.  First, my kids decided to forego the traditional heart filled Valentine's box.  My son went for Ninjas and my daugther is currently obsessed with mustaches.  I think they did a nice job:

If you can't read the box, the cover says "ME Hungry!"  The inside says "Me Still... Hungry!"

Mustaches everywhere!  Even on the inside! Yes, that is mustache duct tape.

Hubby and I got a very nice night out at 5ive, a fancy restaurant not too far from home. We took a few pictures, and even a selfie (Oh, I'm hip now!).

I don't drink, so hubby got two glasses of Champagne (included with the meal). 

I don't usually take pictures of my food, but ain't these pretty?

Hubby tried to eat the dessert in one bite.

Yes, it's a selfie!  Not bad.  We clean up pretty nice, huh?


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