Saturday, January 11, 2014

Geeking out, old skool: Merlin!

My brother, an antiques and collectibles dealer, stopped by for some tech support today (no joke).  That's what happens around here in geekville.  He brought a vintage electronic toy as payment -- Merlin!  Once we turned it on, I recognized that beeping sound right away!

My daughter was at first slightly miffed at the large, blinking, beeping device.  But she decided to give it a try.

Can you believe that over 5 million of these sold, and it was the best selling game/toy item of 1980?

According to the official instructions, Merlin plays six games, as long as you count making beeping noises as a game (AKA Music Machine):
  1. Tic Tac Toe
  2. Music Machine
  3. Echo, a game similar to Simon
  4. Blackjack 13
  5. Magic Square, a pattern game similar to Lights Out
  6. Mindbender, a game similar to Mastermind
Check out my daughter trying out the Merlin:


KarenS said...

I love that thing. My parents still have that, the Speak and Spell and the more rare Spelling Bee electronic games.

kt moxie said...

Oooo... I remember the Speak and Spells! Those were so cool!

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