Friday, January 31, 2014

A Chi-Poke-Bey Adventure

My son is "Star of the Week" in his classroom.  As part of that, parents are asked to write a letter or story about their child.  Instead of writing some letter about how my son is the best/smartest/most wonderful kid ever, I decided to write a fictional story that puts my son in the middle of a land that he would love.  Enjoy.  If you know nothing of Lego Chima, Beyblades, or Pokemon, then this may not make any sense!

A Chi-Poke-Bey Adventure

Ryan wakes up, ready for his next adventure.  He looks at his best pal, Shaky Doggy, and says, “Are you ready to face that Pokemon Gym leader today, and earn our next gym badge?”

Shaky Doggy replies back, “I sure am!”

Ryan gets dressed, and runs out the door.  Shaky Doggy follows behind.  On his way to the Pokemon Gym, Ryan runs into his friend Brady.  Brady says, “There’s a Chima speedor race going on two streets over!  Want to watch the race?"

Ryan really wants to get to the Pokemon Gym, but a Chima speedor race sounds too fun to miss! “Let’s go, Brady!” Ryan yells as he starts to run.

When Ryan, Brady and Shaky Doggy arrive at the Chima race starting line, they see Laval and Wilhurt  ready to win some Chi.  But Eris is having problems with her Chima racing bike.  Ryan walks over and asks, “Hey…. Do you need some help?”  Eris replies “I can’t get this thing started!  If you can figure it out, then you can race the thing!”

With that, Ryan pulled out his Lego fix-it box, and repairs the bike in no time.  Plus, he adds a few extra touches of his own – super wings and jet wheels!

Soon, the Lions are announcing the start of the race.  Ryan, Laval and Wilhurt are off.  It is a close race as the three speedors swerve around obstacles.  At the last second, Ryan passes Laval, then Wilhurt and wins the race!

The Lions award Ryan a Chi.  Everyone congratulates Ryan, except Wilhurt who is always unhappy when he losses.
Then Ryan remembers – the gym leader battle!  He still needs to fight for his gym badge.  He leaves the Chima race, and runs back towards the Pokemon gym.  Shaky Doggy and Brady join him.

Just before he arrives at the gym entrance, he finds two more friends – Ben and Morgan.  Ben and Morgan yelled out together, “3, 2, 1. Let it RIP!”  They are playing Beyblades! Once they hear Ryan is going to battle the gym leader today, they put down their Beys, and join Ryan to watch him battle the gym leader.

 All five friends enter the gym, and the gym leader approaches them.  Boy, are they surprised!  The gym leader is their friend Phinley!   Phinley says, “Hi Ryan!  I heard you want to earn your gym badge.  Well, you are going to have to beat me, first!”

The two Pokemon trainers take their places in the arena.  It is a fierce battle.  Phinley brings out his favorite Pokemon – Charmander, Sandile and JigglyPuff.  But, Ryan fights back with White Kyurem, Zekrom and Pikachu. The battle comes down to the final move, and Ryan wins!  Phinley, and the rest of his friends, congratulate him.  Ryan gets his gym badge!

“Today was quite an adventure.” announces Ryan.  Ryan won Chi in a Chima speedor race and got his next gym badge -- all in one day!

“What do we have planned for tomorrow?” asks Shaky Doggy.

“I don’t know.” Replies Ryan.  “Maybe we’ll just go to school.”


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