Monday, January 6, 2014

6 things to do on a freaking cold snow day

Well, it's cold. Very cold. Freaking cold. And snowy. Yes, we live in Michigan, but that also gives us the right to complain about the weather. Frequently!

 Here's a few things to do on this freaking cold snow day:

1. Complain about how cold it is.

2. Send the kids to play outside anyway.

3. Send the hubby out to snowplow the driveway. Then sent him to my bestie's house, and have him shovel her drive, too. Then have him snowplow the driveway again.  Good hubby, huh?

4. Science!  Like throwing boiling water into the freaking freezing air!

How It Works (Source)

Boiling water is water that is at the point of changing from liquid water into water vapor. It has the same vapor pressure as the air around it, so it has all kinds of surface area, which you can expose to a freezing temperature. The high surface area means it's much easier to freeze the water than if it was a liquid ball. It's why it is easier to freeze a thin layer of water than a glass of water. It's also the reason you'd freeze to death more slowly curled up into a ball than spread eagle in the snow.

5.  Obsessively check how cold it is.  Bonus for us, we are but a short drive from...

6.  Dress and undress the dog multiple times to go potty.  Yes, he's wearing 3 coats and a hat.  He's a greyhound -- he has no body fat, and very little fur. Despite doing the potty dance before this picture, he was not so sure about going out into the frozen tundra.

What did you do today? Was it freaking cold by you?


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