Monday, August 6, 2012

Snow Crash the movie?

The Summer Blog Challenge's prompt today asks, "August 6- Do you have a favorite author?"

I have to answer this question with the author of my favorite book, Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson.  Neal Stephenson is a science fiction writer known for cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, and "baroque" styles.  His writing is intense with complex, twisting plots. His worlds are vibrant; his characters are true heroes and villains. 

Here's the synopsis of my favorite book, Snow Crash, which was written in 1992 (from Wikipedia):
At the beginning of the novel, the main character, Hiro Protagonist, discovers the name of a new pseudo-narcotic, "Snow Crash", being offered at an exclusive Metaverse nightclub. Hiro's friend and fellow hacker falls victim to Snow Crash's effects, which are apparently unique in that they are experienced in the Metaverse and also in the physical world. Hiro uses his computer hacking, sharp cognitive skills, and sword-fighting to uncover the mystery of "Snow Crash"; his pursuit takes the reader on a tour of the Sumerian culture, a fully instantiated anarcho-capitalist society, and a virtual meta-society patronized by financial, social, and intellectual elites. As the nature of Snow Crash is uncovered, Hiro finds that self-replicating strings of information can affect objects in a uniform manner even though they may be broadcast via diverse media, a realization that reinforces his chosen path in life.
Snow Crash has become a "cult classic" among the geek community.  I've recently heard that Hollywood is planning to make a movie out of it.  This makes me both excited and apprehensive.  I'm thrilled to see my favorite book on the big screen, but I'm so afraid they are going to screw it up!

I've also read The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon.  Both are excellent reads as well.  I'd recommend anything by Neal Stephenson -- but some of his books are quite long, so give yourself some time!


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