Sunday, August 12, 2012

See Garrett run.

I took some video and pictures of my greyhound doggie Garrett at the dog park the other day, so here's my chance to share them, responding to the Summer Blog Challenge prompt, "August 10- Share a pet that you have or had in the past."

Getting the lay of the land in the evening sun.

See Garrett run!

See Garrett smile.

Garrett finds a friend (another greyhound at the dog park).  This is a good picture of his "tiger stripes" -- officially called red brindle.

And another friend -- her name is Butternut.  Notice that greyhounds naturally keep their ears back, unlike most dogs who keep them up.

Three greyhounds -- plus one extra -- running (the extra is still a hound, so he's allowed in the gang!).  Sorry, I didn't get any that weren't blurry.  They run fast!  Garrett is on the upper right.

See a happy dog.
See Garrett run!  (this is not full-speed, but you get the idea)

See Garrett chase! (notice that he gives the other dogs a head-start... just to make it more fun!)


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