Friday, August 17, 2012

A girl and her goat

When my daughter is not attending other camps, she's been going to Real Life Farm day camp -- with horses, rabbits, sheep... and goats.  The kids are allowed to take some of the animals home for a night visit.  In the past couple of years, my daughter has opted to bring home baby bunnies. But -- with the new Greyhound family member -- we decided that a bunny was not a good option (Greyhounds have very high "prey drives" -- and bunnies are very tempting prey). 

Instead, she opted for a baby goat this year!
Isn't he cute?  His name is Peanut Butter.
We brought him home in a crate.  Fortunately, it was a cooler evening (around 75 degrees instead of the 100s heatwave that has been coming through Michigan), so Peanut Butter could stay in the garage. 

My daughter had to spend most of the evening in the garage because baby goats don't like to be left alone.  She also got to bottle feed him.

Enjoy a few pictures! 
Yum! Dinner looks good!

Whatcha looking at?

My son hung out with the goat for a little bit, but then wanted to go play more Legos Star Wars!

That's one hungry goat!

Here's my daughter feeding the goat and talking about him:


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