Thursday, August 9, 2012

15 years

What... wait?  Fifteen years?  How did that happen? 

Yep.  Hubby's been stuck with me for 15 years of marriage!  And we are going to his 20 year high school reunion this weekend.  Holy moly.  Time flies.

So, I looked up the traditional gift for the 15th anniversary.  It's crystal. 

So... Ta Da!

Bah.  Not our style.
 Ok. How about a little more nerdy?

Purdy. But, maybe not.
Then, how about '80s retro?

Ok. So, that's some Crystal my hubby and I can enjoy!

But, wait... I have a better idea...

Love, love this show! But the real thing... bad bad...

Oh, I know the best Crystal of all!

He sings, he dances...

And he comes in more than one flavor!

I like the Miracle Max flavor best.

Happy Anniversary hubby.  Enjoy your Crystals.


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