Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Then and Now photos

So, I definitely have to post today, since took my suggestion for a post prompt!  I DO have to mention that I'm not the best for having my picture taken -- I'm usually the one with the camera!  Anyway... here's a few pictures over the years.  I decided to start with high school.  We'll save childhood for another post.

After posting these pictures, I've realized this is really a review of my hair over the years. I seem to be unable to keep it the same for more than a year or so.

1990 (ish) with my besties and Fabio!  Still have glasses. Hair: Very blonde, permed and long-ish.

1991 (ish) in Frankenmuth, MI with friends.  Same glasses. Hair: Blonde-ish. Very long. 

1995 (ish) in college.  Same glasses. Hair: Dishwasher blonde and light pink.

2001.  My husband's cousin's wedding.  New glasses.  Hair: short and auburn.

2004.  My pirate birthday party. My daugther is 4 months old.  And, yes, I dressed her as a monkey.  Glasses are gone (Lasik).  Hair: short and strawberry blonde.

2007. Charleston, South Carolina.  My son is 4 months old.   Hair: long and dark blonde.

2008. Stanford, CA for a friend's wedding. Hair: red and long.

2011. My brother's wedding.  Hair: long and dark blonde.

2012. My hubby's movie premeire!  Hair: short-ish and dark blonde.


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