Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Listen to this!

I already posted about this once, but the prompt from the Summer Blog Challenge, "July 24- What's a band that you've been listening to and liking lately?" gives me an excuse to post it again.

 This music video is my brother-in-law's (my husband's brother's) rap group, 2Few2Mention, with two of their latest songs -- Wonderland and Beauty 2 the Beast. It is really high quality work, with great content and cinematography (but I'm a little biased). They are an up-and-coming Detroit rap group, and have collaborated with a few big names in the industry already.

When I first watched the video about a month ago, it had just over 300 views. Now there are over 55,000! These boys are GOOD!

A few comments on youtube... (almost all the comments are positive!)

Just so happy with this video its like watching  a story with two great rappers
I am so happy with my downloads and I just told my friends to get a copy too
I'm looking forward to more videos from you! GREAT JOB!

I wish you all the best and so in love with your music man and hope you hit the charts

liked your facebook. I will help spread the word to like your page because for sure you will be stars and famous so I'll be the first fan evah
Here's the video. My brother-in-law is the one with the braids.    

*Fair warning: Not work or kid-friendly. Oh... and if you don't like rap, just move along!


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