Friday, July 6, 2012

Holiday tradition: Halloween partay!

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt asked about holiday traditions.  Well, our household is most known for our annual Halloween costume party.  Not only is my geeky family WAY into Halloween and costumes, but my husband's birthday is on October 31st -- he's a Halloween baby!  So, the party doubles as his birthday party!

We have had the party every year for the last ten or so years, and the costumes are out of this world. When we started the parties, we were mostly an adult-only crowd, but now that we have a lot of families, the party is also family-friendly.  I set up a "kids party" in the basement of our house, with games and prizes, and everyone can stay as late as they want.

Here's a few pictures over the past few years.  Enjoy the costumes.

My son as Shark Boy (from Shark Boy and Lava Girl... don't know the movie? Ok... look up Taylor Lautner AKA wolf boy in Twilight.  This was his first movie part!)

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother (my niece and sister-in-law) and my brother the... have you figured it out?  He's a ceiling fan.  Wa wa waaaaa....

Who ya gonna call?

These are our friends who always have the *best* costumes!  Alice and the Mad Hatter mad an appearance this year.  Alice even brought "Eat Me" cakes!

I went traditional one year, and did the witch costume.  I loved the hat.

Captain Mal from Firefly shoots Mario while Hulk brings in a jab.  Mario does not save the princess today.

Even the pets have to get in the costuming.  Garrett our greyhound with his jockey.

My hubby shows that "real vampires" don't sparkle.  By the way... that's my jacket. #rebelFromAPreviousLife

My daughter does her version of a vampire (notice... no sparkles!).  My son is Captain America.

Our friends with outstanding costumes again, this time as Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Our old doggie Annabelle (she passed away last summer).  She's a three-legged skeleton!


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