Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daughter rocks robot camp!

I'm one proud momma.  My daughter had a rocking time at robot day camp!  They used Lego Mindstorms, which are a Lego product that allows kids to create and program robots! She made four or five robots during the week, including a crocodile that snapped its jaw shut when someone got too close to it's mouth, and a soccer player that could score a goal (video below).  She loved the whole week of creating and programming.

My daughter with a sailboat she made.

This is my daughter's soccer player (on the left). Another team made the soccer fans (in the middle), and a third team made the goalie (on the right).  When the soccer player scored, the fans cheered!

All the kids made a tractor that could pull a load, but one innovative robotics student modified the design to pull a HUGE load of books!  Impressive!
Watch my daughter's robotic soccer player score a goal!

This post was prompted by the Summer Blog Challenge.  I'm still catching up!  It's a response to "June 19--Something you're proud of from the last few days."


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