Friday, July 20, 2012

Daughter, detective, scientist.

This summer, my daughter asked to try out a few new day camps.  A couple of weeks ago, she went to science camp. It is run by the Natural Science Museum at the University of Michigan.  She signed up for Zoology and Forensic Science.  She really didn't know what "forensic science" was before the camp started, but it matched up with zoology (she loves animals). 

As it turns out, she had way more fun solving crimes than measuring animal skulls!  Here's a few pictures (taken by the counselors) of her adventures at science camp.

A reenactment of the crime!

Measurements at the crime scene.

Now that's a web of life!

Examining thumbprints.

Fibers under the microscope.  She LOVED that she got to use real microscopes.

Her diorama of a giraffe on the savanna.


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