Monday, July 23, 2012

A family that plays together...

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is "July 23- How do you beat the summer heat?" 

If you haven't already noticed, we are a geeky family, so we have a geeky method.  Lately we have been playing a certain game way too much since it's been too hot to go outside.  We are all obsessed with Star Wars Lego for the Wii!

Really... all of you? Yep.  My 5-year-old boy -- the one who will initiate a light saber battle at any moment -- started the trend.  But the entire family has caught the bug.  It's a great game for family time because it's cooperative play (we work together to amass points and get through the levels) and it's engaging for all of us.  The game is very forgiving -- you just come back to life (with a few less points) if you die.  My son loves it -- he can fight (with light sabers, of course) endlessly.  My 8-year-old daughter likes to "build" and use "force power" on stuff to get lots of points. There are puzzles to solve, which makes it interesting to me.   And when there's some level that requires true video gamer skillz?  Well, then we bring in the big guns -- AKA daddy.

The game is very family friendly -- all of the fighting is non-graphic.  When characters "die," they explode into a bunch of Lego pieces!  Plus, the cut-scenes are very entertaining and funny.  The game also has a high level of replay-ability (is that a word?).  After you finish a level, you can replay the level as any character, and there are potential more areas or features you can unlock if you play different kinds of characters (such as a sith or a bounty hunter). 

So, if it's creeping close to 100 degrees OUTSIDE, it's likely you'd find THIS family INSIDE battling the DARK SIDE!


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