Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Challenge: Mummies, fairies and Jedis... oh my!

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is "July 31- Post a black and white photo you've taken.", so here you go:

Day camp had "holidays" as the theme last week.  Friday was Halloween.
My daughter decided to go for the classic costume of the mummy made out of toilet paper!


And now, a few more prompts for catch-up: 


July 14- One piece of advice you want to give to your child -Submitted by Sara @ You and Me are We

 Thank you, Pinterest.  Here's some great advice.


July 15- Got any good makeup tips/routines? -Submitted by Libby @ Libby's Library

I'm no makeup guru.  I recommend this:

I need to follow my own advice more.


July 19- If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change? -Submitted by Hannah @ Baby Knows Best

As some other bloggers have mentioned, the president doesn't make laws ... that would make her a dictator.  And I don't think we want one of those.  But anyway...  let's assume I could influence the Congress to pass a law in 24 hours or less (fat chance!).  I would start with reforming the U.S. family leave regulations.  Twelve weeks for maternity leave with no pay... and it doesn't apply to everyone?  That's a joke.  If we are really a country that values families, then let's talk about 6 months... hey 12 months...of leave for a new child.  And let's make sure it's split between mom and dad (or mom and mom... or dad and dad... whatever floats your boat).  These guys have some good ideas for reform.  We should start there.

July 20- What would you do with the $ if you won the lottery? -Submitted by Sara @ Keep up with the Jones family


I should say pay off the mortgage, invest some, donate some, go on a vacation, right?  But hey... that's the answer you would expect.  How about ask for the entire amount in small bills and then hand it out to strangers?  How fun would that be?


July 22- What's your best gardening tip?

I do NOT have a green thumb, but I do have a fairy garden.  So, I recommend adding a fairy door, and inviting fairies to your garden. 

They don't weed, but they do spread pixie dust.  That can't hurt, right?

July 25- Give us 3 easy healthy meals or snacks for young kids & toddlers.

I'm a working mom, so everything we do is fast and easy.  Nothing is prepped to be pretty, just practical.  I have a refrigerator and a pantry that is stocked with snacks that the kids like, and they are allowed to get a snack whenever they want (unless it's right before a meal, or right before bedtime).  Here's the stuff my kids like:
  • Fresh fruits.  Favorites are kiwis, grapes, bananas, oranges (sliced not peeled), nectarines, apples.  I'm sure I'm missing some.  We always have fresh fruit.
  • Other fruit.  Fruit cups such as applesauce, mandarin oranges and mixed fruit (they love the ones with the cherries in them).  We also get banana chips and freeze dried fruit (apples, pears) on occasion.
  • Salty snacks.  Popcorn is a FAVORITE.  I've settled on generic microwave "natural butter" lately.  Crackers such as Ritz and Cheese-its.
  • Dairy snacks.  Yogurt -- they love Simply Gogurt.  I don't know why the tube is better than a cup, but whatever!  String cheese is also a winner.


July 26-If you could have a super power, what would it be? -Submitted by Sara @ Keep up with the Jones family

Maybe I've been playing too much Star Wars Lego, but I'm going with the Force.  Who wouldn't want to be able to move stuff with their mind, and control the weak-willed?  Plus -- do I get a light saber?

Taking city girls into the woods

So, I'm behind on my Summer Blog Challenge posts again. Oh, well.  Here's my contribution to the prompt, "July 28- When was the last time you "roughed it"?" (Hey, I provided the prompt, I better answer it!).

Well, rather than talk about the last time, I'm going to talk about an interesting one.  I was a Girl Scout growing up, from Brownies all the way through Senior Scouts (high school).  By the time I was in high school, the local council would occasionally call me up and ask if I wanted to be a volunteer at different scouting events.  One spring, they asked me to be a camp counselor for a special Girl Scout camp.

Several Girl Scout troops were attending camp for their first camp experience ever.  They were all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from the same Detroit elementary school.  The girls had participated in a program during the year funded by a grant intended to improve the lives of inner city kids.  Part of the program included enrolling every girl in the program in scouts (the boys were enrolled in Boy Scouts).  At the end of the school year, they got to attend a week-long Girl Scout camp.  All of the Girl Scout leaders were moms of the girls (as is common), but few (if any) had any camp experience.   

This meant that we, the teenage camp counselors, were more "in charge" than ever.  We had to ensure these girls had a good first camp experience.

Little did we know the preconceived notions that these girls would bring about camping!  These included...
  • A girl who convinced her entire troop that mosquitoes would kill them.  Once night fell, the girls became a gaggle of screaming banshees. 
  • A leader informed us that her girls were experiencing a new sense of freedom in the woods.  After being reassured that there were no boys at the camp, several of the girls stripped down naked and ran through the camp.  She was having a hard time convincing the girls that there was a good reason to put their clothes back on!
  • Many of the girls were convinced that horses were demon-monsters from another world.  Horseback riding is a tried-and-true activity of Girl Scout camp.  An activity that most scouts anticipate with great joy.  And Girl Scout camp horses are some of the tamest horses around.  Just get on the horse, and he/she follows the horse in front down the trail; very little leading is required. However, we had a hard convincing these girls that the horses were not going to eat them alive!  We only talked about 1/3 of the girls into getting onto the horses and taking a short trail ride.
As a teenager, this experience had a big impression on me.  I was surprised and saddened by how limited these girls' experiences had been.  Some of them had never been out of the city of Detroit before this camping trip. The camp had a controlled chaos atmosphere; a traditional scout camp has ritual and tradition to keep everything in order.  But the girls were really soaking in new experiences by the minute.

On the second day, the head of the camp said that one of the girls was being moved in with us camp counselors in the main lodge.  The girl had asthma but came with no medication.  The camp tried to contact her parents, but had no luck.  Rather than have her walking the trails all day and risk an asthma attack with no rescue inhaler, we decided to keep her up at the main lodge were most of the activities (and the meals) took place.  She was sweet and quiet;  she warmed up to us after a day or so, and we "adopted" her as a "junior" camp counselor.  We tried to make her feel extra special since we knew she felt like she might be missing out.

I don't know if this program continued, but I hope it did.  I think the experience was invaluable for these girls.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What sustainable energy projects really look like

Today's Summer Blog Challenge asks us to "July 27- Write up something about an alternative energy source."  This gives me a chance to toot my company's horn (it's good to work for a company that you actually hold in high regard).

I work for a big, global corporation.  Most people don't usually equate large companies with green initiatives or promoting alternative energy.  But I'm very proud to say that my company puts "Sustainability" as one of our key factors of success, right alongside more traditional corporate goals like "Shareholder value" and "Quality."

When the rubber hits the road, promoting sustainable energy is often about finding the right fit for the local environment, and being cost effective.  It's not always "sexy" or "cool."  Here are a few sustainable energy projects that my company has either implemented, or helped another organization implement.
Photo source: U.S. Department of Energy
New biomass steam plant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Listen to this!

I already posted about this once, but the prompt from the Summer Blog Challenge, "July 24- What's a band that you've been listening to and liking lately?" gives me an excuse to post it again.

 This music video is my brother-in-law's (my husband's brother's) rap group, 2Few2Mention, with two of their latest songs -- Wonderland and Beauty 2 the Beast. It is really high quality work, with great content and cinematography (but I'm a little biased). They are an up-and-coming Detroit rap group, and have collaborated with a few big names in the industry already.

When I first watched the video about a month ago, it had just over 300 views. Now there are over 55,000! These boys are GOOD!

A few comments on youtube... (almost all the comments are positive!)

Just so happy with this video its like watching  a story with two great rappers
I am so happy with my downloads and I just told my friends to get a copy too
I'm looking forward to more videos from you! GREAT JOB!

I wish you all the best and so in love with your music man and hope you hit the charts

liked your facebook. I will help spread the word to like your page because for sure you will be stars and famous so I'll be the first fan evah
Here's the video. My brother-in-law is the one with the braids.    

*Fair warning: Not work or kid-friendly. Oh... and if you don't like rap, just move along!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A family that plays together...

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is "July 23- How do you beat the summer heat?" 

If you haven't already noticed, we are a geeky family, so we have a geeky method.  Lately we have been playing a certain game way too much since it's been too hot to go outside.  We are all obsessed with Star Wars Lego for the Wii!

Really... all of you? Yep.  My 5-year-old boy -- the one who will initiate a light saber battle at any moment -- started the trend.  But the entire family has caught the bug.  It's a great game for family time because it's cooperative play (we work together to amass points and get through the levels) and it's engaging for all of us.  The game is very forgiving -- you just come back to life (with a few less points) if you die.  My son loves it -- he can fight (with light sabers, of course) endlessly.  My 8-year-old daughter likes to "build" and use "force power" on stuff to get lots of points. There are puzzles to solve, which makes it interesting to me.   And when there's some level that requires true video gamer skillz?  Well, then we bring in the big guns -- AKA daddy.

The game is very family friendly -- all of the fighting is non-graphic.  When characters "die," they explode into a bunch of Lego pieces!  Plus, the cut-scenes are very entertaining and funny.  The game also has a high level of replay-ability (is that a word?).  After you finish a level, you can replay the level as any character, and there are potential more areas or features you can unlock if you play different kinds of characters (such as a sith or a bounty hunter). 

So, if it's creeping close to 100 degrees OUTSIDE, it's likely you'd find THIS family INSIDE battling the DARK SIDE!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Geocaching fun with the kids!

Today's Summer Blog Challenge is to talk about a free activity to do with the kids. 

I've been just waiting for the perfect time to talk about my new hobby that I share with the kids -- Geocaching!

What is geocaching you ask?  Well, it's a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

What do you need to play? So, in order to "play," first you need a GPS device (Ok, so that part is not free).  I asked my hubby to get me one for my birthday back in March -- specifically for geocaching -- so that we could fully experience the fun.  But any GPS-enabled device -- such as an iPhone or a portable GPS navigation device -- can be used to play.  I have the Garmin Oregon 450 -- a very nice GPS device for basic geocaching;  my daughter has no problem following the direction arrow towards our next cache!

How do you play?  So , first you have to register on geocaching.com.  It's the official site for the game.  Then, you can search your current location for near-by geocaches.  You may be surprised how many there are within a mile or two of you!  You decide which geocaches you want to seek out, download (or enter) the GPS coordinates into your device, and you're off!   Most geocaches are located at parks or other "common" property, but there can be geocaches on private property if the owner of the cache has permission. 

What's in the cache?  The cache -- or container -- that is hidden can be any size.  Most caches list the size on the geocaching.com site -- anywhere from micros (think the size of a film container) to large (we have found plastic bins).  Most caches contain a log book so that you can sign and say you were there (you can also do this on the geocaching.com site).  The medium to large caches have room to trade "swag" -- small trinkets and treasure.  My daughter loves this part.  There can be anything in there, from small toys to tools to "what is that???"  Also, there are "trackable bugs" -- small items that have unique IDs that are tracked on the geocaching.com site, and are moved from one cache to another -- like the little bug is on his own adventure.  The owner of the bug can watch the bug's travels from the geocaching.com site.

Geocaching has been a great way to discover how many parks, reserves, and other natural resources near and far.  It has got my kids out of the house, into some mud-slugging boots, and hunting for treasure out in nature. 

We found that spring was the perfect time for geocaching in Michigan, and this super-hot summer has slowed down our trips.  But, we are currently up to 49 finds, 2 hides and 4 trackables logged. 

My daughter with a larger container we found in a tree trunk.

Another cache we found -- someone made this one themselves, even giving it a cool camo paint job.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daughter, detective, scientist.

This summer, my daughter asked to try out a few new day camps.  A couple of weeks ago, she went to science camp. It is run by the Natural Science Museum at the University of Michigan.  She signed up for Zoology and Forensic Science.  She really didn't know what "forensic science" was before the camp started, but it matched up with zoology (she loves animals). 

As it turns out, she had way more fun solving crimes than measuring animal skulls!  Here's a few pictures (taken by the counselors) of her adventures at science camp.

A reenactment of the crime!

Measurements at the crime scene.

Now that's a web of life!

Examining thumbprints.

Fibers under the microscope.  She LOVED that she got to use real microscopes.

Her diorama of a giraffe on the savanna.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pet Peeve, Maybe

Don't you hate it when you're in your car, jamming out to some summer tunes,
Hey, I just met you,
singing along... and then you realize...
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
You've been Maybe'd.

You are singing along with Carly.  Why is that song so catchy?  Why do they keep playing it?  Why is it stuck in my head???? And why... oh, why... am I singing it???

Here's the Jimmy Fallon and the Roots version (with Carly), singing playing Call me, Maybe with classroom instruments. 

This post was prompted by the Summer Blog Challenge.  The prompt was "July 9--What are some of your biggest pet peeves

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who let the dog out?

Whew! The kids are in bed, and I finally get to ...

... check blogs and read Facebook
... put away the dishes and finish paying the bills
... sleep!

Naw.  First I have to let my dog out. Of course.  He's giving me that "I gotta go potty!" stare.  And, it's been storming hard all night, so he's been waiting. The storm has finally let up, so time for the doggy to relieve himself.

I open the back sliding door, and let Garrett out into our fenced backyard (for those who are catching up, we adopted an adorable greyhound name Garrett last October).

I start my internet surfing chores.  After about 10 minutes or so, I peek through the sliding glass door, assuming I'll see two big greyhound eyes staring back at me waiting to come in.  But I don't.  I open the door, and look around the backyard.  Then I look at the gate, and a horrible chill goes through my spine.  The gate is open.  The storm must have forced at least two of the three locks ajar, and my doggie pushed his way past the last one!  

My doggie -- my greyhound that can run at 40 miles per hour --is loose.


And, of course, just like the last time something like this happened, my husband is out of town.


I remember quickly that the greyhound adoption group said to call them FIRST if my doggie ever got loose, so I do that.  I call, and leave a frantic message.  A volunteer calls back, and says that she'll be sending people to help me look.  I call my friends who live 10 minutes away in a panic, and ask if someone can come over to watch the kids while I search.  My bestie's hubby is arrives soon after my call (he even put pants on ... which was nice of him!). 

I get in my minivan, equipped with a flashlight, a squawker (a hunting squeaker to attract greyhounds), and dog treats.  I have no idea which way my doggie when, but I begin circling my neighborhood's streets and alleyways.

After about 30 minutes of searching, I begin extending my search.  I pull up next to another car in the neighborhood, and they ask me "have you seen a greyhound?" I'm confused for a minute, then I realize, these are my volunteer searchers!  I can see that they have two greyhounds of their own in the back, and they said they live close by. I tell them they are looking for my doggie, we discuss how to cover territory, and keep looking.  After about 1 1/2 hours of searching, there are at least 4 groups of searchers looking for my dog.  Wow.  I can't believe there are so many people out looking for my dog!

But I'm frazzled.  What if he went into the woods?  What if he runs into the main road and gets hit by a car?  I know we must find him ASAP.  Unlike some dogs, greyhounds are not known for having great survival rates. The longer he is out on his own, the worse his chances are. 

I turn a corner heading back toward my house (for the 42nd time), and I see two eyes and four legs coming toward me.  Is that a dog??? Is that MY dog???  It IS!!!!  I stop and open the sliding side door on the minivan.  I hope Garrett will not get spooked and run.  He doesn't. Instead he is so relieved and happy to see me!  He jumps right into the car!  I'm soooo happy!

I close up my car's sliding door, and drive towards home.  I see the same car with the volunteer searchers, and stop to tell them that Garrett is found.  They are also relieved.  They inform me that one of my neighbors had just spotted him before I picked him up. 

In the end, after 2 hours of searching, Garrett was only one block from home.  It was a happy ending. But the outcome could have been a bad one.  I thank my stars for lucky dogs, good friends -- and the acts of kindness from the some dog lovers who spent a night searching for someone else's dog. 

Garrett after his jaunt through the neighborhood. Tired. and guilty.
P.S. Since becoming a dog owner (Garrett is our second), I never assume that someone is already looking for / getting a loose dog.  I know there is always a risk I could get bit (or worse), but I'm willing to take that risk in order to catch someone's pet.  I've caught or helped catch a few loose dogs over the past few years. 

This post was prompted by the Summer blog challenge -- a random act of kindness.

Blog Challenge: Apple Bread, steampunk... and more

So, as usual, I've fallen behind on the blog challenge.  Here's a few random catch-up posts.  Enjoy (or not). 

June 18--A recipe you love.

Super-moist, To-Die-For Apple Bread

Its more like a moist cake than a bread, but let's call it bread -- that way you can eat more!

Serves/Makes: 2 loaves


3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/4 cup oil
2 apples, chopped
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
1 teaspoon baking soda


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients until well blended. Pour batter (very thick) into 2 greased loaf pans. Bake for about 1 hour.

July 1--Talk about something eco friendly that you already do.

This is simple and easy, and we've been doing it for years.  We use cloth napkins everyday, not paper.  I know that some friends visit, and they are afraid to get the "fancy napkins" dirty, but that's what they are for! 

I bought some banquet hall grade napkins many years back, and they have served us well.  We wash them with the weekly laundry, and they come out clean every week. 

See? Easy-peasy.

June 12-- Worst injury you've had & how it happened.

So, I've had no major traumatic injuries in my life (huzzah!).  But, I have been dealing with chronic back pain and associated nerve damage in my leg over the past few years.  And boy... it's quite a pain-the-back (pun intended)! 

As for how it happened, again -- no traumatic incident.  First thing?  I was pregnant.  Twice.  My hips and lower back didn't like that very much.  My hips never quite put themselves back into their pre-pregnancy position after holding and having two babies.  Then, my second baby was literally attached to my hip for the first 3 years of his life (he loves his momma!).  And that didn't help either.  I started seeing a chiropractor periodically ever since my first pregnancy. 

One morning, I got out of bed because my son was calling for me.  I went to his crib to check on him, then decided to go back to bed for a few more winks of sleep.  As I crawled back into bed, POP!  Something went horribly wrong .... because I couldn't move.  Every twist or change in position sent shock waves of pain through me.  I called for my husband.  After he got the kids off to daycare, he took me to urgent care, transferring me from the car to a wheelchair, and then pushing me into the office. We then sat waiting for 3 hours while I was in excruciating pain;  I figured out later they thought I was just there for drugs, not because I "really" hurt myself.   GRRR.  After they finally let me see a doctor, they just gave me some muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, and sent me home.  Double grrr. 

I went back to my chiropractor a day or two later, and he told me he would have scheduled an emergency visit for me.  Ah, 20/20 hindsight...

Anyway, the recovery from a back injury is slow and painful.  There's no magic bullet.  And after about 18 months of improvement, I re-injured my back (boo!), and went back to square one.  On round two of injury recovery, I did a series of physical therapy in addition to the chiropractor. 

Oh, and the kicker is that I have permanent nerve damage in my lower right leg because of the injury.  I'm numb on the front of my leg from my knee to my toes.  This also makes my ankle very weak and my balance poor on my right side.  I keep doing yoga, and I hope to improve in both my strength and balance, but it's a tough climb.

So, the next time someone says their back hurts... please at least give them the benefit of the doubt that they have legitimate pain.  Backs and chronic pain are a b*tch.

June 30-- Post a photo of an outfit that either is your style or you wish was your style.

So this is totally my style for date night:

Purple and black are my colors.  A little flouncy and twirly is good, too.  And I LOVE Mary Jane shoes!

And I'd love this outfit if I had a reason to go all steampunk:

Still flouncy. But with a pistol, goggles and a cool hat!

July 18- 5 things to do if the power goes out. -Submitted by Janelle @ Domestically Seasoned

Anyone remember a few years back (OK, it was maybe 2002 or 2003? ... I don't remember) when the entire eastern seaboard had a power outage for about a week?  Well, that extended to my area in Michigan.  Here's what we did:

  1. Don't panic.  I swear -- once a bunch of people realized that the outage was widespread, everyone was heading either heading to the gas station to fuel-up, or to the grocery store for bread.  While these things are important, panic doesn't get you there any faster!
  2. Grill!  Hey, all that food is going to spoil anyway.  Better cook it now.
  3. Talk to your neighbors.  Because they are all out grilling, too. 
  4. Hang out on the deck / backyard.  You have been forced to slow down.  Take advantage of it.
  5. Slumber party! Everyone gets to sleep in the same room -- usually either the coolest or warmest room in the house (depending on the season).  It's easier to fend off the monsters in groups, anyway.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Then and Now photos

So, I definitely have to post today, since goinggreenwiththegrizls.com took my suggestion for a post prompt!  I DO have to mention that I'm not the best for having my picture taken -- I'm usually the one with the camera!  Anyway... here's a few pictures over the years.  I decided to start with high school.  We'll save childhood for another post.

After posting these pictures, I've realized this is really a review of my hair over the years. I seem to be unable to keep it the same for more than a year or so.

1990 (ish) with my besties and Fabio!  Still have glasses. Hair: Very blonde, permed and long-ish.

1991 (ish) in Frankenmuth, MI with friends.  Same glasses. Hair: Blonde-ish. Very long. 

1995 (ish) in college.  Same glasses. Hair: Dishwasher blonde and light pink.

2001.  My husband's cousin's wedding.  New glasses.  Hair: short and auburn.

2004.  My pirate birthday party. My daugther is 4 months old.  And, yes, I dressed her as a monkey.  Glasses are gone (Lasik).  Hair: short and strawberry blonde.

2007. Charleston, South Carolina.  My son is 4 months old.   Hair: long and dark blonde.

2008. Stanford, CA for a friend's wedding. Hair: red and long.

2011. My brother's wedding.  Hair: long and dark blonde.

2012. My hubby's movie premeire!  Hair: short-ish and dark blonde.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Family reunion

The prompt today from the Summer Blog Challenge is to talk about a favorite vacation.  While my hubby and I have taken some wonderful vacations to beautiful places like Europe, Hawaii and Jamaica, I decided to use this post to talk about the family reunion we had back in 2008.  My hubby's family decided it was time to celebrate his grandmother's birthday together as a big family, and gather together in Poughkeepsie, New York. 

It was a great time for my kids to meet lots of great aunts, uncles and cousins, and many pictures were taken.  This was the one and only time that my kids met their great-grandmother, who recently passed away. It was a very special vacation, and the family is talking about doing another reunion!

Three generations.

My daughter gets silly with her second(?) cousin.

The kids of the cousins. My son is the one with the pacifer (he loved that thing). My daughter is on the far right.

The family with grandparents and great-grandma.

Daddy and son.

The girls.  My daughter has on her pink ao dai -- traditional Vietnamese dress.

My father-in-law's restaurant. Good food served here. Stop by if you are in Poughkeepsie, New York!

Ack! The Paparazzi!

Pretty good looking family, huh?  Can you find me?  I bet you can! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Particle Man

This post is part of the Summer Blog Challenge.  We are supposed to post some lyrics that have meaning to us.

In honor of the physicists who found five-sigma evidence of the Higgs boson particle, I give you the lyrics to the classic They Might Be Giant's tune, "Particle Man." 

The Higgs boson particle is also called the God particle, but not for the reasons you might expect.  Is it because it explains life, the universe and everything?  Nope.  Actually, Leon Lederman, the Nobel Laureate who penned the "God particle," actually wanted to call it the godd*mn particle (because it was so elusive) but his editor overruled him.

Anyway... we all know the answer is 42.

Particle Man by They Might Be Giants

Particle man, particle man

Doing the things a particle can

What's he like? It's not important

Particle man

Is he a dot, or is he a speck?

When he's underwater does he get wet?

Or does the water get him instead?

Nobody knows, Particle man

Triangle man, Triangle man

Triangle man hates particle man

They have a fight, Triangle wins

Triangle man

Universe man, Universe man

Size of the entire universe man

Usually kind to smaller man

Universe man

He's got a watch with a minute hand,

Millennium hand and an eon hand

When they meet it's a happy land

Powerful man, universe man

Person man, person man

Hit on the head with a frying pan

Lives his life in a garbage can

Person man

Is he depressed or is he a mess?

Does he feel totally worthless?

Who came up with person man?

Degraded man, person man

Triangle man, triangle man

Triangle man hates person man

They have a fight, triangle wins

Triangle man

Friday, July 6, 2012

Holiday tradition: Halloween partay!

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt asked about holiday traditions.  Well, our household is most known for our annual Halloween costume party.  Not only is my geeky family WAY into Halloween and costumes, but my husband's birthday is on October 31st -- he's a Halloween baby!  So, the party doubles as his birthday party!

We have had the party every year for the last ten or so years, and the costumes are out of this world. When we started the parties, we were mostly an adult-only crowd, but now that we have a lot of families, the party is also family-friendly.  I set up a "kids party" in the basement of our house, with games and prizes, and everyone can stay as late as they want.

Here's a few pictures over the past few years.  Enjoy the costumes.

My son as Shark Boy (from Shark Boy and Lava Girl... don't know the movie? Ok... look up Taylor Lautner AKA wolf boy in Twilight.  This was his first movie part!)

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother (my niece and sister-in-law) and my brother the... have you figured it out?  He's a ceiling fan.  Wa wa waaaaa....

Who ya gonna call?

These are our friends who always have the *best* costumes!  Alice and the Mad Hatter mad an appearance this year.  Alice even brought "Eat Me" cakes!

I went traditional one year, and did the witch costume.  I loved the hat.

Captain Mal from Firefly shoots Mario while Hulk brings in a jab.  Mario does not save the princess today.

Even the pets have to get in the costuming.  Garrett our greyhound with his jockey.

My hubby shows that "real vampires" don't sparkle.  By the way... that's my jacket. #rebelFromAPreviousLife

My daughter does her version of a vampire (notice... no sparkles!).  My son is Captain America.

Our friends with outstanding costumes again, this time as Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Our old doggie Annabelle (she passed away last summer).  She's a three-legged skeleton!


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