Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer blog challenge: The pie-iron chef!

I'm a huge fan of summer cook-outs, especially campfire cook-outs.  Ever since I was a Girl Scout way-back-when, I've honed my pyro skills of cooking over open flame.  The past few years, my family and my best friend's family have spent Labor Day weekend at a cabin "Up North" (that's Michigan speak for somewhere north of Flint!).  This weekend always includes one night of cooking around a backyard campfire.

Last September, this momma-pyro was in charge of the fix-ins and tools for dinner.  On the menu was s'mores (of course!) and pie-iron pizzas. 

My daughter's high-end s'more.  Like the presentation?

...I have to admit... I'm not very creative in this department...this is the menu every year!

To those unfamiliar with pie-iron pizzas...  First -- for shame!  This is a camping delicacy that MUST be sampled!  Second -- pie-irons have two hinged metal pans, either round or square, on long handles. The pans clamp down, sealing together the bread placed on each side as well as all the good, yummy fillings (in our case -- pizza!).  The pie-irons are cooked in campfires and are made of cast iron.  Did you catch that last part?  Made of IRON.

'Round the campfire.  You can see a pie-iron sitting on the bench.

Anyway... midway through our first round of pizzas, I pulled a hot pie-iron out the fire to check the pizza. You have to see if the bread is toasting to the right golden brown!  I attempted to unhinge the two metal pans from each other.  However, instead of separating the two pans, I peeled apart one of the iron pans!

Yes -- I ripped iron in two with my bare hands!  

I've never seen anything like this in all my days of camping in scouting!  We have used this same pie-iron for years and it has held up just fine.  But on this one day, my superhuman strengths appeared, and I ripped it into two pieces!

After much debate, we decided the pie-iron must have always had a defect in it, and the repeated heating and cooling over the years eventually caused the catastrophic failure.


I've finally found my superpower of ripping iron into shreds!

I'll let you choose the real cause.


I'm playing catch-up here with my "Summer blog challenge." This post prompt was for June 9-- Your worst cooking disaster.


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