Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check out this music video!

I'm sure I'm totally hitting the wrong niche by publishing this video on my blog, but too bad. This is my brother-in-law's (my husband's brother's) rap group, and their latest music video. It is really high quality work, with great content and cinematography (but I'm a little biased). They are an up-and-coming Detroit rap group, and have collaborated with a few big names in the industry already.

I'm really proud of my brother-in-law for pursuing his dreams, and making things happen. 

...Suburban soccer working mom with an authentic Detroit rapper as an uncle to her kids.  Who woulda guessed? And he's really sweet with the kids, too.

Here's his latest music video. He's the one with the braids.    

*Fair warning: Not work or kid-friendly. Oh... and if you don't like rap, just move along!


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