Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring kids' portraits

I always use Easter as an excuse to get a few nice pictures of my kids all dressed up.  It seems that each year they are less and less cooperative... 

They *know* momma has a camera attached her face at all major events, but they have become more and more allergic to natural smiles and sitting still. 

Here's a few examples of my efforts this year.  Enjoy for your own amusement.

Act 1.  My son refuses to take part in the pictures, so my daughter says "just take pictures of ME!" 

She required the picture included the plastic chick.
After a few more attempts at non-cooperative poses, I told her to give me a silly face (this sometimes helps to get the kids taking better pictures).  Instead of the usual sticking-out-the tongue, I got ...

Zombie child!
So, we tried a few more times, and got lots of cheesy, squinty eyed smiles.  I reminded her "Open your eyes!"  So, I got this shot...

Kinda frightens me...
We kept trying.  This is my adorable daughter, but you miss the cute dress.

Act 2. By this time, my son decided to join.  He wanted the "silly shots" first, so I obliged. 

My son is always ready for a fight... and my daughter -- again with the plastic chick!
Now can we have some cute sibling pictures?  Nope.  Goofiness ensues...

My son might be going to a choke hold here...
Finally, a decent siblings shot appears.  I think I had to bribe them.

Which do you like better... black and white...

or color?
Act 3. By then my daughter was done.  But my son was ready to ham it up!

Is it time for my cameo?
I reminded him to give me a "nice smile", but didn't remind him which direction..

I'm smiling, mom!
I then asked him if I could have a serious shot.

A 5-year-old's "serious" look.
So, then I told him to look away from the camera (maybe I'd get a better picture that way)...

He's thinking he's MAD cool right now.
By then, I just gave up, and told him to smile, and I shot some more.  I think you might start to know my son's personality a little bit more through these.

I'm cute and I know it.
I'm working this staircase...
And that's what I think of your Spring portraits momma!
Ok.  I got some cute shots.  But, those kids don't make it easy!


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