Saturday, March 3, 2012

Disney Day 6: Downtown Disney

After four days of Disney parks, we welcomed a break from all that walking.  But, we still had some fun plans for our sixth day in Orlando!  We started out the day by taking the Disney bus to Magic Kingdom than taking the Monorail (the kids thought this was pretty cool) to the Floridian resort. 

On the Monorail.
At the Floridian, we had reservations for breakfast at the 1900 Park Fare restaurant -- another character affair!  We meet up with Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, Tigger and Pooh.  The breakfast -- buffet again -- was quite good, and they had be best smoked bacon I've ever had.  The characters were, of course, the best part of the meal;  I enjoyed meeting the Mad Hatter the most -- he talked fast, and was silly just like you would expect.  When a neighboring table had a shy kid who pulled up his shirt over his head to hide, the Mad Hatter announced, "Alice!  He's lost his head!"  Pooh was also fun, because daddy got an adorable picture with him.

After breakfast, we took a bus to Downtown Disney.  My daughter checked out the fountain (Mickey-shaped, of course).  Daddy and the kids also rode the carousel.  And, of course, we did some shopping. My son picked up yet another toy set (Star Wars this time), and my daughter picked out a baby giraffe (surprise, surprise).

Hubby had afternoon reservations to play golf, so he left us shortly before lunch.  He got to play on one of the courses used for the tournaments. Yes, Tiger had played the same course!

The kids and I checked out the Lego store, and they got to build some Lego vehicles.  Then, we decided to have lunch at T-Rex!  It's similar the the Rain Forest Cafe restaurants, but with dinosaurs and meteor showers!

After lunch, we headed back to the resort via the ferry and had some downtime.  Hubby met back up with us after his 18 holes. 

We cleaned up, and headed out again for dinner -- this time at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.  Again, we had to take the bus to Magic Kingdom, and then hop on the Monorail.

Chef Mickey's is another buffet character meal, and probably one of the best.  After all... it has Mickey and Minnie!  We also saw Pluto and Donald Duck.  When Minnie visited, I was quite impressed that she noted the kid's names in their signature books, and signed their books to them personally! The best character interaction of all was Donald Duck.  After initially coming by for the standard book signing, hugs and picture, Donald came by again.  My son hid his head and curled up on his chair, so Donald walked over and kicked him in the butt!  Hilarious!  Later, we caught Donald driving by... in a lady's power chair! 


After dinner, daddy took the kids back to the resort, and I headed back to the Floridian resort.  My son had forgotten his lanyard with Disney pins and camera on it in the morning.  Fortunately, I successfully retrieved it, and then headed back to the resort.

The entrance to Magic Kingdom on the way back to the resort.


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