Friday, February 24, 2012

We went to Disney World!

Yes, I know I've neglected this blog.  But, I have a really, really good excuse:  we went to Disney World!  Yes, we did the big family trip to meet Mickey and the gang.  A magical time was had by all.  I have some sore feet, but some great memories.  I'm going to do a little journaling about our trip here on my blog, so enjoy (or move on...  your choice!).

First a non-solicited shout out to our Disney trip planner, Jodi Linton, from Pixie Vacations.  If you are planning a trip to Disney... I highly recommend hooking up with Pixie or one of the other official Disney vacation planners.  They know their Disney, and can help with all the details.  I know it really helped us, and made our vacation easy to plan, gave us "inside tips," and helped us with all the reservations and such.

Now... back to the trip!

We arrived a week ago Thursday, flying into Orlando.  It was the second time either kid had flown, but the first time my son remembers flying (the first time he was a baby).  He took the window seat, and loved the flight.

We stayed on the Disney property at Port Orleans Riverside (a "moderate resort" for those who know Disney), and ate on the Disney Dining Plan (I highly recommend both!). We already started our "Disney experience" at the airport, when the Disney Magical Express picked up our luggage from the plane, and drove us to the resort.  After arriving at Port Orleans, our room wasn't quite ready (we arrived around lunchtime), so we grabbed lunch at the "Quick Service" (AKA fast food) restaurant at the resort, then checked out the resort. 

Resort lobby, with kid-sized rocking chairs!

Then, we played some games at the arcade, and my daughter got a hair wrap (isn't that a requirement for a warm weather vacation?).

My daughter checks out the hair wrap pattern, and makes herself cross-eyed in the process.
After our room was ready, we settled in, then had a "Table Service" meal (Disney lingo for sit-down dinner) at the Boatwrights restaurant at the resort.  We had a very nice Louisiana-themed dinner, and the waitress even gave everyone Marti Gras beads and balloons for the kids.

My daughter with her Marti Gras balloon and beads.
We strolled the resort grounds in the evening, and ended the night with a carriage ride!

The kids were too tired to pose for my picture, so hubby got to pose with the carriage.  Good hubby.  :)

To be continued!


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