Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ford's, Meijer's and Kmart's

When I was 16, my family moved from Ohio to Michigan.  I know... not a big move, huh?  Not like I moved across the country!  I certainly didn't expect to notice any colloquialisms.  We were all Midwesterners, right?  "Any of you guys wanna a pop?" 

Anyway, after arriving in Michigan, here's how a few conversations went...

Me: "Where does your dad work?"

Friend: "Ford's"

Me: "Ford's?  Do you mean Ford? As in Ford Motor Company?"

Friend: "Ya. Ford's."

Me:  *thinking* Dude.  Ford is dead.  He doesn't own the company anymore!

Me:  Hey -- where should we go shopping?

Friend:  "I don't know.  Meijer's or Kroger's?"

Me:  *thinking* There is NO 's on those store signs.  It's Meijer and Kroger!

Me:  "What if we go to Kmart?"

Friend:  "Kmart's?  Sure."

Me:  *thinking* ARGH!  There is DEFINITELY no guy named Kmart! 

Now that I've lived here for umpteen years, the random possessive 'ses on companies names don't bother me as much.  But I still cringe at Kmart's.


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