Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Day 4: Magic Kingdom

Sometime during day 3 at Disney, my son commented that Disney was not what he expected.  I asked what he was expecting, and he said "a big castle."  Ah, yes.  It's not really Disney until you see Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom! So, we checked that off our list on day 4!

Disney was offering "Magic Hours" again, so we got up early (again), and arrived at Disney shortly before it opened for resort guests only at 8AM.  There was even a welcome show at the entrance!

We followed the advice of our Unofficial Guide again, and headed straight through Cinderella's castle to Fantasyland.  We were surprised to find the Dumbo ride MISSING! It turns out they are expanding Fantasyland, and the Dumbo ride has been temporarily removed.  So, we rode the Carousel, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Peter Pan's Flight AND "it's a small world" all before 9AM. 

Can you hear them singing?
 We then headed over to Liberty Square and went on the Haunted Mansion ride (one of my favorites).  My son thought this one was a bit scary, so we promised him the next one would be a "fun" ride.  We wandered over to Adventureland, and rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets, and that seemed to cheer him up.  We then hit Pirates of the Caribbean.  We were not able to leave the Pirates gift shop without two pirate swords -- one for each kid.  We also rode the Jungle Cruise.  And this was all well before lunch!  Not bad, huh?

We took the train back to Main Street, and walked into Tomorrowland.  After dancing with Chip and Dale, we decided the line for Buzz's Space Ranger Spin was not too bad, so we queued up while daddy grabbed Fastpasses for Space Mountain (only daughter and daddy planned to ride the coaster).  Daddy made the kids happy by bringing us some snacks in line, and then we rode the Buzz ride.  The ride stopped midway through, so we got to rack up a lot of points (and just shoot at each other, because that's fun, too!). 

After the Buzz ride, we saw the Monster's Inc Laugh Show, which was very entertaining.  Then, daddy and daughter headed for Space Mountain, while my son and I took a stroll around Main Street.  It started to rain, so we missed all the characters who had been standing around, but we enjoyed the view.

 We had lunch at the Crystal Palace in Main Street; it is another character dining experience with a buffet meal.  Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet visited us at our table.  The food was acceptable, and the characters were great.

After lunch, I really wanted to stick around for the afternoon parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True, but the kids were beat.  So, hubby offered to take them back to the resort while I enjoyed the parade (good hubby!).  The parade was great, and I got an extra treat of standing next to a sweet young girl with Down's Syndrome wearing a "Make a Wish Foundation" button -- almost every character and parade participant waved or acknowledged her individually in some way.  It was super sweet.

For me?  No, that was for the sweet girl next to me...  Darn.
 I headed back to the resort after the parade, and we all had a nice rest.  We ate dinner at the resort in the "Quick Service" cafe, then headed back out again around 7:30PM to see the Main Street Electrical Parade at 9PM and the Wishes evening show at 10PM.

We found a great spot on the right side of the castle to view the parade and fireworks show, and my daughter found another light-up souvenir -- a sparkly glove -- to satisfy her need to glow at night.

And then the parade started.  Except... our kids fell asleep!  We tried to wake them, but it was futile.  They were both totally zonked out.  My daughter finally woke up for the Wishes firework show, but my son missed both the parade and the show (which were both freaking amazing by the way!).  Ah, well.  After the show, we waited for the crowds to clear, then took our sleepy kids back to the resort.  We decided that we might have to start a little later in the morning the next day...

P.S.  Did I mention Hidden Mickeys?


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