Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reading takes you places... like Monster Jam!

Last October, my son's preschool had a book fair (just like everyone else's school, I'm sure).  Just like all the other guilt-ridden good moms, I let my son pick out a few books.  I was surprised when he pulled out a "Monster Trucks" book, as it's never been something he's shown any interest. However, after seeing all the glossy pictures of big, pretty trucks, I could see what attracted my 4-year-old to this book.

 At bedtime, we read this book... many times.  He *LOVED* it.  It gave technical details on how the trucks were build, such as the size of the tires, the horsepower of the engines and the types of wheel axles.  It described the different trucks like they are characters with personality.  It provided real life biographies of drivers pursuing their dreams of building and driving monster trucks, including several women.  Who knew?

I mentioned my son's new love to my brother, his uncle, his eyes lit up.

"There's a Monster Jam coming to Detroit in January!"

(My brother is a fan of the big trucks, too.)  So, it was a date.  Uncle, daddy, and my big boy went to Monster Jam 2012.

The Red Ninja Turtle truck shows it's stuff in the stunt portion.

Big boy with his gun ear muffs. Monster trucks are LOUD!

The line up of trucks ready to show off.
A happy son and daddy.


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