Friday, January 6, 2012

Garret the Greyhound

Earlier last year, our beloved puppy, Annabelle, passed away.  She was our first and only dog until...

Introducing... Garrett the Greyhound!

Garrett entered our lives last October.  He is a rescue from a Greyhound rescue group, and until June of 2011, he was a racing dog in Florida.  He is now retired from that life, and gets pampered with lots of doggy beds, toys and love at our house.

Can't resist the eyes, can ya?
After our Annabelle passed away, I knew we would get another dog, but we needed some grieving time.  So we waited a few months.  During that time, we saw a few rescue greyhounds at some festivals and events we visited during the summer.  After a few chats with the volunteers, and meeting a few greyhounds, I was in love. 

I knew I wanted another medium to large sized dog, but our last dog was a bit (OK, quite a bit)  hyper.  Considering everyone in my family tends towards the "anxious" side of the scale, and we are a two parent working household, we needed a calmer canine presence.  Little did I know that most greyhounds are among the laziest, calmest dogs around!  They sleep most of the day, and think a 5-minute sprint around the backyard is a *big* workout!

Garrett shows us a quick workout. He flopped down soon after this picture. Catching that toy is a lot of work!
So, we contacted a nearby greyhound group, and they introduced us to Garrett.  He's four years old, and the whole family already adores him. 

A rare moment with his ears up.  Greyhounds usually keep them back, but it's not a sign they are upset like other dogs.
Since Garrett is new to living in house, there's been a learning curve.  He has already put a head-sized hole in our screen door (sorry mom! I didn't know that was a door!).  He also had to figure out how to walk up the stairs (he can now bound up them in four leaps!). 

My daughter snuggles with Garrett.  He just loves attention.

Daddy is still figure out how you wrestle with a greyhound.  Garrett doesn't quite get it either.

If you are curious about the racing, we actually get access to his track history.  He raced in 40 races, and won two; his racing name is Sweet Garrett.  Most greyhounds are retired between ages two and five either because they are not winning enough or because of injury.  Prior to all the rescue groups forming in the last 20 or so years, the tracks just killed the dogs that were passed track age.  However, the winners are kept past racing age for breeding. The dogs are considered livestock, not pets, at the track (just like horses).
Here's one of Garrett's races (most were not recorded).  He's in gate 6, and came in 3rd.



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