Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Click on this link!!!!

Be Positive Mom gave us a great reminder to be good cyber secure users.  That's a great reminder.  Thanks!

As an IT worker, we often make jokes about how easy it is to access to other people's networks. We even make fun of what you named your network.

'Cuz we know... and we're nerdy like that.

A couple of my favorites? "Mompickthis" and "Imnotwearingpants."


By the way -- it's really *not that hard* to be secure. Usually it's just turning the security software ON that is already given to you with your wireless network, or remembering to set passwords. So... do it!

Oh -- and if you get hacked? Don't worry too much. It happens to even the best of us! Just reset your passwords and move on.

And please, PLEASE, DON'T click on that NEW!!!!! You Won't Believe This! We have a Million Dollars for you!!!! or This one girl did something crazy!!!! link.

... just don't do it! I know it's sooo tempting. Just don't. Really. Don't.  It's always a mistake.


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