Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommytography 260-266

Doh! Life is really overwhelming me lately, and I haven't even picked up my camera in the past week.  That's OK.  I'll cheat, and you can enjoy some random photos that I've taken in the past couple of months -- ones that didn't make the cut for a previous Mommytography!

260: Friday is Mohawk Day!

That's official from my 4-year-old. He wants the spikes on Fridays and special occasions only.  The preschool teachers think it's adorable.
261: Hubby Rooster!

Hubby was showing my daughter some rock star moves... like the puckered lipped rooster.

 262:  Fountain in Marshall, Michigan

Pretty, huh?

263:  Rainbow clown

She's one happy gal.  From the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.

 264:  Three lights

These were in a corner at a restaurant in Stratford, Ontario.  I just liked them.

265:  Doggie has a boo-boo.

My son's lovie needed some first aid.

266:  Jurassic glow

We played glo golf, and this was one of the holes.


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