Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mommytography 239-259

Holy moly! I've got some catching up to do... Here's a bazillion pictures.  Enjoy.

239: Zombie party girl

My daughter decided we needed a zombie at my brother's birthday party.

 240: Did I mention it was a wake birthday party?

Oh, yeah.  My brother wanted a wake for his 40th birthday.  We obliged. I mean 35th birthday.  I mean 11th anniversary of his 29th birthday.  Yeah.

 241:  Zombies can rock it.

Our zombie just needed sunglasses, and POOF!  Instant rock star.

242:  Second generation Star Wars geek.

I pulled out MY Ewok (from 1984) after the kids finished watching the Return of the Jedi. They were smitten.

243:  Look what I do for my sister!?!?!

My big boy sits patiently while he is a guinea pig for my daughter's latest obsession -- nail painting.

244: Eek! Spider!

I visited the Fred Meijers Garden and Sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It it really a hidden treasure of Michigan and the United States.  If you are in the area -- CHECK IT OUT.

245:  Orange thing a-ma-bob

I don't know what it is, but it's orange.  Very orange.

246:  I speak for the trees!

Another sculpture at the Fred Meijers park.  I love how they integrated the sculptures into the surroundings.

247:  Now that's a horse!

The Fred Meijers garden is worth seeing just for this horse sculpture.  It is freaking huge!

248:  Trout hatchery

I stopped by Paris, Michigan.  They had a trout hatchery in a public park. Very cool!

249:  When in Paris...

Paris, Michigan that is!  Yes, they have an Eiffel Tower.  Who knew?

250:  Right across the kisser!

Daddy shows the big boy how to fake a punch. 

251:  Daddy P90X

Daddy gets in some arm curls.

252:  You let your son do WHAT with his hair?

Yes, that's a mohawk.  He asked if he could get it cut that way, and I said sure.  It's just hair.  He loves it.

253:  Rebel Jedi

I made my son a Renaissance costume this year, and he thought it turned out like a Jedi uniform.  He might be right.

254:  In remembrance of 9/11

At a local (Fenton, Michigan) firestation.  A beautiful tribute.

255: Giraffe face painting.

My daughter gets her favorite animal, a giraffe, painted on her face.

256:  Joust!

We watched the joust at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  That's our knight in red.  He won!

257:  A Renaissance family

At the Renaissance Faire.  Ten points if you can figure out the symbol on my son's tunic.
258:  ARRR.  Turkey leg!

No Renaissance Faire is complete without my hubby getting a turkey leg.

259:  Clowning around

My younger brother had a circus themed birthday party, and we all came dressed as clowns.  Well, except for my son.  He said he doesn't like clowns.  So, instead he brought his light saber and killed all the clowns.


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