Monday, August 22, 2011

You will rue this day, Carly Shay! Rue it!

I admit it. I like iCarly. Yes, the tween TV show by Nickelodeon about 3 kids who have a web show. I'm not embarrassed. Mostly.

How did this happen?

First, there is very, very few shows that are whole-family friendly anymore. Once you get beyond America's Got Talent and American Idol, there are basically no primetime shows that we can watch as a family. That leaves shows from Disney and Nickelodeon. And I give lots of credit to both channels for providing quality (-ish), family-friendly programming.   I really do.  But...

Nickelodeon does iCarly, a family-friendly show, with a little more irreverence than your average Disney sitcom. Can we say dancing bras, spaghetti tacos, and a girl (Sam) who loves -- I mean LOVES -- fried chicken, ribs and ham?

Hey, they even slimed a kid named Nevel!

I also like that the characters are portrayed how kids would write them -- silly and a bit extreme. Most of Disney's sitcom shows which feature main characters, both kid and adult, that are good-despite-their-flaws (think Wizards of Waverly Place or Suite Life On Deck or Sonny with a Chance). However, iCarly features the truly evil Nevil (Carly's arch-nemesis), Freddie's neurotic, over-protective mother, and Gibby -- the chubby boy who walks around shirtless for no apparent reason. Plus, crazy side characters like Sam's cheating boyfriend (whom she super-wedgies), and the super-fan girl that quacks like a duck. Yes, we want real people to be good, but TV show people are way more fun with a dash of crazy.

And I love -- yes love -- Spencer, Carly's man-child older brother and legal guardian.  Who wouldn't want a guardian who is less mature than a tween?

I'm sure anyone who doesn't watch this show (which is most of you) thinks I'm insane now.

Finally, I blame my 7-year-old daughter. She loves the show -- and so does my 4-year-old son. Hey... so does my husband. It's freaking hilarious. We laugh together as a family. It's great.

Here's a few choice quotes.  I hope you'll get a laugh, too.


Carly: Why can't you read at your house?
Sam: Cause my mom keeps screaming at the cat to get a job...yeah, I don't know.


Carly: So where's our couch?
Carly: What?
Spencer: I don't know...


Sam: ...I know that look. That's your thinking look.
Spencer: Oh, I'm thinking. You thinking?
Sam: Yeah, I'm thinking we think of the same thing?
Spencer: We are, if we're thinking about a way to give Nevel a vehicle that's never been state registered and can go 25 miles an hour.
Sam: I was thinking about fried chicken.


Carly: What's wrong with you, Nevel?! Why is your lifelong dream to get rid of iCarly?!
Nevel: It's not. My lifelong dream is to open my own haberdashery.


Carly: Give me the guacamole. (Freddie and Spencer give her a large pail of guacamole) RUE THIS, NEVEL!
Nevel: Wait, what is she...oh no. (the guacamole falls from the window and right on him)


Principal Franklin: Before I announce the winner, I feel compelled to tell you the worst guess, which was 5. [holds up a piece of paper with Gibby's name and the number five on it]
Gibby: I won?! I won! [starts taking off his shirt]
Principal Franklin: No Gibby, you didn't win. In fact, your guess was so far off that we're calling your parents and having you tested.
Gibby: Again?


This post was prompted by "30 days of shamelessness." I"m planning to get through the whole list, in order, but not necessarily in 30 days.  Enjoy.  Feel free to steal and join in the fun.

1.declare your love for an uncool TV show.
2.look a fool. Whatever you feel like eating.
4.waste time.
5.declare your love for an uncool movie.
6.act “girly” or “manly” in a way you’d normally avoid.
7.share your efforts at something you don’t think you do well.
9.expose something messy or dirty you’d usually hide.
10.declare your love for an uncool band.
11.dress to show some skin.
12.share about a health struggle.
13.speak up about something crap that was done to you.
14.hold yourself accountable — not guilty — for something crappy you did to someone else.
15.dress, walk, and act like you know you’re all that.
16.spend money on a non-necessity or share a financial struggle.
17.discuss the reality of your work situation.
19.share details about a bodily function or fluid. about sex a strong feeling.
22.set a boundary.
23.air one of your secrets.
24.share a struggle you have yet to “just get over.”
25.ask for help.
26.make a mistake. a dissenting opinion.
28.discuss a failure.
29.look a fool. 3 more ways you can live shamelessly and commit to doing them…

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom


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