Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mommytography 365/224-230

224: The Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario

While daddy and the kids went to Great Wolf Lodge, I caught *three plays in two days* in Stratford, Ontario.  It was fabulous.
 225:  Monarch butterfly

I love monarchs.
 226:  A real black swan, not the movie kind.

He posed for his photo shoot with me.  He was beautiful.
 227:  Pierre St. Pierre

A street performer in Stratford, Ontario.
 228: Jedi Son

A boy and his light saber.
 229:  Daddy -- attacked from all sides.

Big boy attacks daddy at close range with a light saber, while daughter provides cover with the Nerf gun.
 230: Real life Angry Birds

Yep.  We put together the whole game so that we could play a real-world version.  Fun, but harder than the iPod version!


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