Friday, August 26, 2011

I DO believe in fairies. And mortgage refinance.

Yes, after years of getting the run-around from my mortgage company, they actually contacted me (what?) and said I was eligible for a refinance.  Ya know that Obama-fied help-underwater-homeowners legislation that was passed ... um... years ago?  Yeah, they said I'm eligible under that, even though they wouldn't help me the other umpteen times I've called them about the same thing in the past.

At first, I was sure it was a trick, but last night we signed all the documents. And it only took two attempts to do the closing (those bankers are still sneaky).

I do believe in fairies.

Our closer said she is convinced that our mortgage company has gotten some kind of financial incentive recently, motivating them to allow all these refinances to go through. I tend to agree.

I DO believe in fairies.

To quote my mortgage broker, who was pleasantly surprised by our home's worth after the appraisal came back,

"I have hope for Michigan yet!"

I replied, "So do I... So do I."


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