Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mommytography 365/203-209

203:  Tanks and ducks

I made a bunch of cakes for the cake walk at my neighborhood's picnic.  Yes, that's an army soldier cake and a pink ducky cake. 
 204:  Let them eat cake!

One of the cakes didn't make it to the picnic...

 205: Window shopping

This is Cindel, our "shy" cat.  I finally caught her for a photo.
 206:  First aid for shakey doggie

My son said that his lovie needed some band aids after taking one too many flying leaps.

 207:  Detroit Ink

My daughter went a little crazy with the tattoos at the township music night.
 208: Climbing wall

My daughter gives the climbing wall a try.  It was harder than she thought!
 209:  Sir Buzz/Woody/McQueen/Shifu

Big boy was excited to make his shield at the township Ice Cream Social, and had to pose for a picture after we got home.

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Kristal said...

That cake is beautiful!

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