Friday, July 22, 2011

Mommytography 365/196-202

196: Off to Girl Scout Camp

This is my daughter's "You can leave now, Mom" face.
  197:  Pumping iron

My daughter's water source for the week.
 198: Leaving camp

The path outta the camp.

199: Piggyback ride

Lucky boy talks daddy into giving him a ride.

200: A new fight move

I'm not sure what to call this one?  Full leg wrap?  Silly boy ATTACK?
 201: Kid Yoga

Big boy shows has some major yoga skillz.
 202: My little baker

I had to bake some cakes for our neighborhood picnic.  Big boy "helped" by licking the beater.  Notice no shirt... again???


Kristal said...

What a fun week - love the new wrestling move

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Lol love that last shot!!! He is such a cutie!!

Christine said...

Love the shot of your son with the beater! I think that's a standard ritual of childhood (and I confess I still do it, too!).


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