Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommytography 365/182-188

182:  Swim class rocks!

Both kids are taking swim classes at our township pool, and doing great.

183:  It's a great day to go to the park, momma!

That's what my little guy says whenever he wants to go to the park.  And considering the park is across the street, I try to accommodate whenever I can.

184:  Sibling scheming...

They look like they are up to something...

185:  Pepper the bunny

We had an overnight visitor from the day camp farm today.  The kids are allowed to take some of the farm animals home at night. Fortunately, my daughter picked a bunny and not a goat!

186:  Puppy tribute stone

My daughter and I made this for our dog, Annabelle, who recently passed. She was a tripawd, so we put 3 paws.

187:  Attack of the Crazy Uncle!

Those uncles are so unpredictable...

188:  Sparklers


Tracy said...

Awe! Love the 3 pawed plaque.

Missus Wookie said...

looks like a cool playground, fun uncle and neat fireworks.

Kristal said...

Looks like a fun week - love the sparklers!

Christine said...

Love the shot at the park with the sun flare; really cool! Plus the sparklers. Nighttime shooting with fireworks/sparklers is so fun!


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