Thursday, July 21, 2011

Driving while ....

I am a Very. Good. Driver. I'm very proud of that. In my lifetime, I have received zero -- yes zero -- speeding tickets. I did get pulled over twice in one day for having a headlight out (bless their hearts), and I've been pulled over a few more times for "driving a little too fast," but I've always managed drive away with a warning. I chalk it up to my politeness and my good track record.

On the other hand, my husband (that cute Asian guy) has racked up a few tickets here and there, making me gasp every time I see our insurance on his car. We have a running joke that he is trying to collect a ticket for every new state he visits.

Take our visit down south a few years back: we went to Charleston, South Carolina to see a few friends, including a native of the area and a friend stationed there in the Navy. After hanging around the gorgeous and friendly city of Charleston for a few days, we decided to take a trip to Savannah, Georgia. This required driving through some back country, but no problem -- we took our rental car and were on our way. On our way back to Charleston, my husband was driving along a country route, and I had nodded off in the front passenger's seat. As I felt the car decelerate, I realized we were being pulled over.

As the policeman walked up to the car, I thought "We are nice folk. As long as my husband is polite and considerate, I'm sure this nice policeman will just let us off with a warning (just like every other time I've been pulled over), right?"

Then the cop leaned in, with his crisp Stetson hat and shiny badge, and took one cool look at my husband. Then he looked across and squinted at me. He spoke to us slowly, as if my husband didn't speak English, in a thick southern drawl.

And then I realized... We are NOT. Getting. Out. Of. This. Ticket.

My husband was polite and considerate, just as I would expect, as he received his ticket for $180. Ouch. The cop didn't even reduce the speed (don't they always do that? You know... by 5 MPH or something?).

After we got back to Charleston, we told our friends about our run in with the law. Our friend in the Navy, also an Asian American fellow, said to check the ticket. He said attitudes change pretty quickly from the city to the countryside in South Carolina. He said he could guess the county where we were pulled over. We checked the ticket... he guessed right.

This post was prompted by Mama Kat's writing prompts. 

The prompt was YELLOW. 

Wait for it... did you figure it out yet?  Do you feel bad that you figured it out?  Do ya?  Mwahahahaha.

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Patrice said...


Classic NYer said...

Actually, I don't feel bad at all for having figured it out, as I've often been the butt of (and made) color based jokes.

I wouldn't have gotten out of that ticket either, I'm sure.

Then again, the point is moot, as I can't drive...


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Crystal said...

I've deserved a lot more tickets than I have actually recieved. Usually they seem more willing to let a woman go with a warning than a man.

kt moxie said...

Crystal -- I agree that woman are more able to get out of tickets then men. But I definitely think there's more than just gender bias going on here... my husband -- a polite, average, nice American guy -- has NEVER gotten out of one!

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