Sunday, July 31, 2011

Detroit Makers Faire

We had a fabulous time at the Detroit Makers Faire at The Henry Ford.  It was geeky, fun, and family friendly all at the same time. Right up our alley.  Enjoy a few pictures -- and a really awesome video of the Coke and Mentos show.

Coke and Mentos show

Yes, this is "those guys" who put up all the videos on YouTube.  And it is that impressive.  They even explained the science of how it works before the show.

Making bouncy balls

The kids got to make their own bouncy balls.  I was all nostalgic when the instructor started explaining how the polymers (the crystals that they were pouring into the ball molds) would get excited when dropped into water and stick together.  You see -- my grandmother used to have the same kinds of conversations with me!

You think I kid... but I don't.  Nerdiness runs deep in my family.

My brothers and cousins are probably laughing right now because they remember my grandmother adamantly explaining to us that "plastic" was a misnomer, and "polymer" was the correct term.

Life size mouse trap

Some guy spend ten years putting this together!

 Detroit represents in the races!

The best... and slowest.. vehicle by far.  It had an awesome sound system, though.  Area code 313 representing!

I3 Detroit was one of the top racers.
 Android phone operated robot!

This was one of the coolest inventions we saw.  My husband and son controlled this robot after hubby downloaded an Android app onto his phone.
 Cool stuff ... and I'm not even sure what it is...

How would you feel if you were passed by a cupcake?

Yes, the Time Machine!


kisatrtle said...

Great pics! Loved the mousetrap

Missus Wookie said...

Oh now I was going to say that my 5 year old corrected someone at a museum who called it a plastic ball made from plastic crystals... I'm sure the completely pink/Winnie the pooh outfit and blond curls helped the nerdiness factor...

Then the father/son robot thing made me smile in remembrance.

BUT - Now I just want that time machine! :sigh:

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