Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bath time routines at my house

"OK, kids. Bath night!"

A herd of elephants tramples up the stairs. Do I really only have two kids?

I follow at a snail's pace, and gather towels and robes. I see clothes strewn about, providing a chaotic path to the bathroom.

But no kids.

"Hmmm... I thought I had two dirty kids around here."

Muffled giggles.

"I wonder where they went. I swear I heard two children run up the stairs..."

I start my hunt for the missing children, and the muffled giggles continue. I stoop down, and lift up the bed skirt to my bed, and this is what I find:

I know... this is only one of them.  My daughter is usually tucked back in the far corner.
This series of events is repeated at my house every bath night.... because routine is important for kids, don't you know!
This post was prompted by Working Mom Wednesday over at Work Wife Mom Life.  Somebody wanted to know what was under my bed.


Crystal said...


Rachel M. said...

OMG what a cute story, thanks for sharing!!!

jessicaclarke said...

How cute, thanks for stopping by my blog...following u back

kisatrtle said...

Good to know that my kids arent the only ones that do this

carol anne said...

Too cute ~ My kids are the opposite!

Lady Bren said...

Now see those are the things I miss about my 3 all being teenagers...

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Work, Wife, Mom... Life! said...

bwahahaha! that's hilarious! I was like, where is she going with this!!

great pic of that little rascal too! ;)

Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

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