Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mommytography 365/154-160

154: Purple camels

From my daughter's recent trip to the zoo that I chaperoned.
155:  Pillow Pet Love.

Yay!  I picked the right gift!
156:  Sprinkler park
running through the sprinkler circles...
157:  Pampering the puppy

Our puppy gets some doggy ice cream.  We are in pamper mode with our ailing pup.
158:  Go Blue!

Big boy had a sports theme day at school, so daddy wore a shirt to match.  We are both U of Michigan alums (we met there).
159:  Popcorn and couch tents

Always a good time.
160:  Our yard sale find

My daughter loves air hockey, and was so excited when a neighbor was selling her table.  We got it for a good deal.  It was quite a challenge to get it in the basement, though!


Tracy said...

I Love Air Hockey!

Kristal said...

Love the zoo shot - and air hockey is so fun!

Christine said...

Hi, Kristin, I believe those purple flowers are allium. My mom has some in her garden and they are beautiful. Love the shot of your dog licking that little bowl. Cute!

Have a great week!


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