Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Daddy Lodge


It was my son calling for me. Again.  I drag my butt outta bed.  Again.  I wander into his bedroom at 6:30 a.m.

"What do you need sweetie?" My son is very, very attached to his momma.

"Where's Shakey Doggy!!!"  I find the lovie, tucked under a pillow, and walk in a stupor back to my bed.  Just 20 minutes more sleep, please! I climb back into bed, and turn over to lay back down.


Something snaps... or crackles... or pops... in my lower back.

I can't move.  I'm stuck.  On my bed.  I scream for my hubby, who has fallen asleep downstairs.

September 2009.  I threw out my back by turning over into bed.  Prior to the bed attacking me, I had trouble with my lower back and hips -- starting with my pregnancies.  Ironically, I had just seen my chiropractor a week prior, but we had not made much progress. 

But now I couldn't move.  My hubby took me right away to urgent care, but really I needed rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, and long term chiropractic care.  My recovery took months.  I still have permanent nerve damage in my lower right leg -- my knee to my toes is numb, like it is asleep.

But this story is not really about my back or my recovery.  It's about a daddy who manned-up when the cards were down.  You see, my back went out on a Wednesday.  That weekend we had a family trip planned to Great Wolf Lodge.  Yes, the indoor water park resort.  The kids had been talking about it for weeks.

After the initial shock of throwing out back had passed (and I was drugged up on lots of medication), we considered what to do about the planned vacation.  I talked about going anyway, and just staying in the hotel room most of the time.  My husband looked at me -- a pathetic blob unable to walk more than a few steps to the bathroom -- and shook his head.  No way.  I was on bed rest.  No traveling.  No indoor water park.  I thought about how to break it to the kids that the trip was canceled.

Daddy said no problem.  He'll just take them by himself, and I can stay back and rest. 

One man.  Two kids.  One giant indoor water park.

I'm not sure I would have taken that challenge.  But he manned up.  And the kids had a blast.  They loved the daddy-only vacation. 

Happy kids.
Not only did daddy and the kids have an awesome time, but they made it a tradition:  an annual daddy-only trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Their third trip is coming up this August.

This was prompted by Working Mom Wednesday to talk about a special dad memory (or something like that).

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Emily said...

Visiting from WMW. Those kids look so happy! What a nice tradition (out of a bummer circumstance).

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