Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommytography 365/136-139: Wedding pictures!

My little bother brother got hitched over the weekend, so this week's photos are entirely from the event.  And it's way more pictures than one per day. I'm breakin' the rules.  So sue me. ;)

136:  Ceremony

Messing up the vows.  It's all good...

137: A few family portraits
The boys

Granny and my big girl.

Granny and Poppa
How grown up!
The kids.

138:  The reception

Yes, that's a Motocross cake topper.  And a cupcake wedding cake. Awesome, huh?

The happy couple

My niece, the flower girl.

Cuttin' the cupcake.

Pink. Cupcake. Love.

Watching the slideshow I put together for them. :)

139:  Let's dance!

First dance.

Daddy daughter dance.

My best friend's youngest is gettin' her groove on.

More dance moves.

I think the kids danced more than the adults!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. The pictures are so pretty. I am so happy for your brother and his new wife. Love their cake topper. The kids all look so cute.

Kristal said...

You got some great shots!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You got some beautiful shots! I love the one of her putting on his ring.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh what joy! Great collection of shots :)

Jennifer @ What Would Jen Do said...

i love that wedding dress, i'm always interested in seeing what kind of dress the bride will pick, that's why i love watching Say Yes to the Dress.
and your kids look super cute too!!

Conny's Cottage said...

So lovely.....

Very cut.....

Diann said...

Beautiful photos Kristin!

Sandra said...

Love the pastor's face when they're messing up the vows and LOVE their cake/cupcake! Yum! Beautiful!

Tracy said...

Cute! Great shots. Love the cake.

Christine said...

I'm glad you broke the rules--these are all great! I love the second shot.

Heather said...

Hello! I am getting married in November and my boyfriend is a motocross rider. I absolutely love your cake topper. Would you mind telling me where you got it? That's exactly what I'm looking for.

kt moxie said...

It was my brother's wedding (he's the motocross guy). I think they said they found it on ebay.

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