Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mommytography 365/120-126

120:  She can fly!

Daddy gives the girl a swing.

121:  Yum.  Bunnies taste good.

Easter chocolate gets a tasting.

122: Soccer freeze tag

Big boy and coach are "frozen" waiting for another kid to kick a ball between their legs to unfreeze them.

123: Knight Rider

Big boy loves cars.

124: Navy SEAL Team 6 1/2

This SEAL team includes one princess and one boy who loves all things orange.

125:  Target practice on daddy

Navy SEAL Team 6 1/2 is getting in their target practice, readying for the next mission.

126: Mastering the princess wave

Girl Scout tea party included a hat parade.  My daughter was a finalist with her fantastic hat, but didn't win.


Tracy said...

LOL! On target practice! Love the hat!

Kristal said...

Nice shots - makes me too nervous to spin my kids like that...

Jenner said...

As cute as cute can be! The peapod loves to be spun too!

Kristen said...

Sweet pictures!!!

Christine said...

Very nice pictures! You captured your week well. I love the ears on that bunny!

Have a great week,

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