Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post it Tuesday: Various species of yogis

Though I try very hard to keep my "gazeless gaze" and focus only on myself, I can't help but notice a few different species of yogis cropping up around the yoga room.  I take a deep breath, and try not to judge. 

Breathe in. Who the?

Breathe out. Really now?


Does she have a new outfit for every class?

You are so excited you can finally do wheel pose, then you happen to glance to right, and this guy is doing... WHAT???

She lets you know she's running a marathon this weekend.  Thanks.

And he is fully enlightened.  Thanks, bud.  Leave some light for the rest of us.

She's here for the latest gossip.  "Guess who is dating the YOGA INSTRUCTOR!"

Here you are, trying to breathe in, breathe out... maybe even with a little sound to it. And then you start hearing this noise. What is that? Is there an animal in the room? Is it dying?

This guy really isn't a species of yogi, but he shows up for class anyway. And somehow he gets all the girls' attention after class.  Boo.

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alessandra said...

Haha, hilarious! ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those are great. I would surely be the social one! With blogger they now do a good job at taking spam comments, you can check them out at design/comments. Thanks for no word verifiction.

Kristen said...

SPOT ON GIRL! Spot on! FYI - I am NONE of the above, more like in the back, shy YOGI. Until I look like athlete chic and am dating tool, THEN I might move up front.

Rachel M. said...

Funny! My class is a little different, it has a large group of older people in their 50's and up, I'm like the kid in the class! I kinda like it because I think they are all so groovy for making it a lifestyle.

lov the cat

Diane said...

Ha ha! My yoga lunch class is not nearly this diversified though there used to be an older man who always fell asleep within the first 30 seconds of the final relaxation and then proceeded to snore...Loudly!

Jenner said...

Great post! I had done a yoga mommy-and-me class and the teacher fell into the "Crunchy Granola Yogi" category. I felt like she could look through me and tell that I didn't recycle.

Work, Wife, Mom... Life! said...

hilarious!! and is that matthew mccoug..... however you spell his name?? ahhhhhhh..... ;)

Jen said...

Loove the "Tool" one. Very funny.

heavenisabookstore said...

I think I might be the dying cat (or growler) of the class. I swear there are times I am dying. And there are other times I have to laugh bc you want me to put what, where?

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