Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yay yoga me!

I've been pretty proud of my yoga-self lately.  I've conquered a few difficult poses (for me), including...

Crane / bakasana

Ok.  90-year-old lady can do it.  About time I can, too!

Tripod Balance 

We'll work on picking my legs up next...

Now, those ladies look all svelte and purdy.  I'm not so impressive.  I look more like this ...

Hey, at least I can do a shoulder stand, right?

Plus... I have no talent for balance.  Not only am I just inherently unbalanced, but about a year and a half a ago, my back went out, causing permanent nerve damage in my lower right leg.  Basically, I'm numb from my knee to my toes on the front side of my leg.  Most days, I barely notice.  But, in yoga -- I see a huge difference on my abilities from one side of my body to the other -- especially during balance poses.  I feel like a bumbling idiot whenever we get to a one-legged pose on my right side! I try not to notice the other people in the room (like a good yoga practitioner). But I still get frustrated when I see all those steady airplane poses around me, and I'm coming in for a crash landing!

My geek yoga-self is working on these poses next. 

This post was brought to you by Working Mom Wednesday.


Kasey said...

Haha! At least your brave enough to go to a class! I hide in the comfort of my own home where only I can see my jiggly self in all my yoga glory!

Rachel M. said...

Very funny post, at least you can laugh at yourself. This reminds me, somehow I've fallen off the yoga track. Need to get back on when I return.

Missus Wookie said...

loling at the geek yoga... it's embarrassing when you fall of the Wii board and it asks "are you taking a rest?" :rofl: Glad you are still working and trying tho'.

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